A Note of Apology

Dear Readers,

Hello! This note has been a long time coming, but until today, I never really thought through it and sat down to write it. I only just realized today, this past summer marked four years blogging. I'm a little amazed by that. It seems only yesterday I was dipping my toes in the water, testing the world known as blogging. To say nothing of it being kind of a big and intimidating world.

This brings us to today. Between my pursuit of getting our Etsy store started (thank goodness my mother seems to be the more prolific and certainly, more amazing designer, leaving me to mostly work on the technical side), life and family, meeting article deadlines for my contributing gigs, reading and my TV obsessions (I really should cut back on the latter, but guys... come on, it's a relaxing thing *wink*), I fear Dreaming Under the Same Moon has suffered. Add in the fact that I suddenly realized I've not worked a wink on my Christmas cards and it's nearly November first, and life has been... busy. My sincere apologies for this. Neglecting this space has never been my intention. I love it. I love the people who have taken time to read it. I love all of the conversations I've had with the people I've met, whether they've been on our long-winded albeit fun Twitter conversations or on our blogs, they've all been amazing.

The intention of this letter isn't to again go into my blogging journey or become sentimental but rather to apologize for my lack of attention. I want to you all to know, I appreciate every comment even if I'm not promptly responding to them. (Between you and I, the days fly by too fast to suit.) I still read every one of your comments and have every intention of becoming more prompt at responding. At this writing, I am again caught up on replies. I've got two-three more posts coming this week, two of which I am excited about despite them being only reviews, the third is the love-to-hate month in recap post. I still cannot decide if I want to continue that - your input?

Anyway, all of that babbling to say, the blog is still around, there is still content planned. I'm trying to find out the best balancing act right now and until I do, it may be a bit quieter in terms of when I get replies to your comments. The idea is next week to get back on schedule as well as catching up with you on your blogs.

As always, thank you for being a part of this blog's readership, commenting and taking time to read this blog. I appreciate it.

- Rissi


  1. Don't be too hard on yourself, Rissi! --20 blog posts a month is nothing to sneeze at! With midterms and the holidays approaching, I'm also struggling to post regularly without my other priorities suffering. Congrats on 4 years! I totally spaced on my first year blog-versary --I'll probably try to plan something more organized next summer. :)

    1. I agree - and thanks! But my feeling of neglect is more in my slacking on replying to comments. I never want to give that up because I so appreciate people taking the time to even read my blog... I suppose it's my way of saying "thanks." Anyway, here's to both of us finding schedules that work for us. We've totally got this, right!? :)

    2. I understand --For the longest time, I didn't really have people comment on my posts. It's nice to hear from others and know that someone's reading your work ... It's also great to have conversations with fellow book/media lovers. Hear, hear! We'll figure it out. ^_^

    3. YES ^^! It is fun to enjoy conversation with fellow book lovers. When I started blogging I really had NO idea this kind of community was out there, so it was great fun to meet so many like-minded people. Helps making conversations and blogging more of a great community type place where people are always ready to offer advice or help. It makes a difference. :)

  2. I haven't noticed any slacking, your posts are as awesome as ever! :)

    1. Thank you, Heidi, that's really kind of you to say... I suppose my real feeling of slacking has been my lack of comment replies. That's something I want to continue because I enjoy chatting with anyone who even takes the time to read and visit. I always appreciate that. :)

  3. You and I have been blogging about the same amount of time! I started my little blog four years ago near my birthday (which is in August). Let me just say - from the many blogs that I follow and keep up with, you are my favorite blogger/reviewer out there! You're the only person I know who answers every comment possible and is so friendly to your readers (a lot of blogs don't do that now).

    1. How fun! Happy four years, Kara. I really cannot believe it's been that long. I've loved every second of it. :)

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I do love this space AND visiting all of YOUR blogs, yours included. The sense of community in this blogosphere is amazing. There's always someone willing to offer advice if you need it and I appreciate anyone who even takes the time to visit here. Replying to comments has always been my way of saying "thanks." I think (sadly) blogging isn't as prevalent as it was once. It's kind of a dying art. I prefer this to only enjoying conversations limited to 140 characters on Twitter, but either way, it's been a great journey. Thank you for being an amazing blogger, Kara and always replying to comments! Visiting your blog is always great and I appreciate your visits here. :)


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