The Flash Recap, Season Two Episode Two

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I only recently realized something. Instead of getting all of the fun content I have scheduled or planned in my head down on paper so that it can be shared here, I've been borrowing a lot of my content from Silver Petticoat to post here. But, hey, that's okay because I've been having lots of fun with it too. To be honest, I have some stuff from there to share tomorrow as well because, well, both of the subjects are awesome period dramas. In my opinion. But we'll get all that content published here too... perhaps tonight will be a productive writing night.

One of the new things I'm beginning again on Silver Petticoat is recapping The Flash (CW). It's a fun challenge I enjoy because it's a different format than reviewing... plus, it gives me a totally legit excuse to watch The Flash as it airs. Last night's episode was one I'd been anticipating for a while now because - *insert fangirl reaction* - a potential new love interest was introduced for Barry. Suffice to say I loved both of the newbie characters we met last night. If you want to read my recap, here's a snippet and the rest can be found on Silver Petticoat.

Flash of Two Worlds Recap (Season Two, Episode 2)

There is always a lot going on in an episode of The Flash. But today’s recap is going to be short and sweet. Or relatively speaking, it will be. Each episode of The Flash seems to be adding another layer onto the “bigger picture” scope of the season. The second episode of the season picks up immediately where the premiere left off and proves that Zoom is in this for the long haul. He has sent another baddie to kill Barry. But first, we have to learn who this Jay Garrick is…

New Faces in Central City

Jay has come with good intentions to warn the gang. For the past two years in his world, he too was the Flash. You see there was a breach created on the night of the singularity, and through that, Jay was whisked to Central City. Naturally the gang is distrustful because the dude has been in their city for six months with nary a word. His explanation is that he needed to piece this new normal together and approach them when the time was right. Which seems to be now. The most distrustful of all is Barry. (He’s still raw from the whole mentor-turned-criminal-mastermind.) Continue Reading →

What are your thoughts on the start of season two's DC Comics adaptation?


  1. I'm loving The Flash! It's the only one of last year's new shows that I stuck with through the whole season and then into this one. OK, heading over to Silver Petticoat to leave a more in depth comment :-)

    1. As am I, Becky. It's a fun little show, although I'm just a viewer by the show not a comic book purist. Still, I've enjoyed it and am glad you are too! :) Ps; thanks for the Silver Petticoat comment. Enjoyed reading it.

  2. OMG, Shantel VanSanten!!!! I have to watch this episode on Hulu ASAP!! :)

    1. I'm going to love Shantel's character (or I'm 99.9% sure of it). Did you like it, Bekah!? :)

    2. Eeeeeek!!! Just caught up with Flash! I lovelovelove Patty so far and is it just me, or does this show keep getting better and better?! Awesome recap, Rissi!

    3. I agree, Bekah; this show is getting better, and I love it! Patty is amazing. Jay is amazing. Barry is, well, awesome Barry. Cannot wait to see where these new characters take the show - and I loved all that flirting going on in this week's episode. So cute! :D


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