12 Gifts of Christmas (2015)

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Tonight, Hallmark Channel continues its "five night Thanksgiving movie event." Once the Thanksgiving meal leftovers have been packed away and you’ve stuffed yourself full of that yummy meal, why not cut yourself a piece of pie, and gather round the TV? Plus, you'll spot a familiar face headlining this one. 

Anna (Katrina Law) is ready to redefine her life. She’s been a struggling artist for too long – and this year, she feels like it’s time to do some growing up, and that means moving out of her sister’s basement. With this in mind, Anna decides to start a personal shopper business. She’s got the business card, only thing she needs now are clients. By happenstance she meets a wealthy and successful businessman (working in an advertising firm), Marc (Aaron O’Connell) who hires her to shop for all of the people on his list. But for this pair, more than just the perfect gift is at stake.  
When I read about the lineup of films for this season’s “Countdown to Christmas” campaign, I have to be honest; this one didn’t initially sound like its set up was going to be my cup of tea. Imagine my surprise when I discovered something altogether wonderful. Given that I’m putting this together last minute and it’s Thanksgiving, below are a few brief thoughts on what you'll see in this one. 

For starters, the pull between the lead actors was really sweet. The script is also very careful to develop this as the start of something rather than a relationship that is deep enough to be true love. During their many scenes together, I actually felt as if they were fostering more than merely a business relationship (this was a complaint I had about another comparative TV film). True Mark comes off somewhat standoffish, but that's his character. Even at that, there's "more" to their scenes together. Had there not been, in the end they could have parted and we might not have cared about such an outcome. Fortunately, that didn’t feel like the case here. Maybe it’s because the acting was good, I don’t know. But Aaron played the aloof business man to perfection and it’s always nice to see Katrina Law (from Hallmark fan favorite Snow Bride and CW’s Arrow) in something.  

Perfect for the night it airs on, the familial ties was well presented and in particular I liked the relationships Anna had with her family. The only thing that did have a slight disconnect (unless I flaked on it by missing the explanation, which has happened before plus I watched this in "sections") was the wedge in Marc’s family. That was the only ill-explained issue though I’m assuming it was nothing more than Marc’s workaholic penchants. Besides that, there is ice skating, an adorable shopping sequence and all sorts of surprises. 12 Gifts of Christmas is the perfect flick to put you in the Christmas spirit – and if you’re anything like me, one of its gifts is sure to be getting its viewer excited for hauling down those Christmas decorations tomorrow!  

Catch 12 Gifts of Christmas tonight on Hallmark Channel. Until then, have a peek at the preview down below.

Photos: Hallmark


  1. So excited to see this! Thank you for the review. I was wondering what critucs will say. :)

    1. I hope you enjoyed it! I thought this one was super cute, which is just what I needed. :)

  2. Rissi, you always write such great reviews. I'm looking forward to watching this movie!

    1. Hi, Katie! Thanks so much for the kind words. I enjoy writing these and appreciate you taking the time to visit. Hope you enjoy this one - I thought it was super cute. :)


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