Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) - Redemption,and a Future Foreshadowed

Friday, November 6, 2015

It’s been three years since we saw the entire Marvel universe coagulate as only it can accomplish in a star-studded Avenger’s world. Nowadays, there is a lot of crossover even in the individual films, but still… there is something magnetic about the films that include “avengers” in their title. Beyond this, I feel like writing some form of the usual introduction to this film is pointless. Yes, we know I’m the last fangirl to finally see this popular blockbuster and anyone who is a fan knows this film simply by its title. Because of that, we’ll jump right into a brief overview and then… let the fangirling begin.  

The earth’s mightiest heroes are on a mission; a mission to recover Lokai’s scepter. It’s currently in the wrong hands, and the Avengers need to recover it. Once at their destination – where they are of course met with heavy fire and detriments meant to dissuade them (all things they brush off because after all, they are the Avengers), Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) gets to the scepter but not before his mind is unknowingly altered by Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen). Wanda is an orphan and mutant who, along with her twin brother Pietro Maximoff (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) are currently scientific projects at the facility the Avengers are breaching. In Tony’s vision, he sees all of his friends dead... 

This scars him. What if they could have peace in their time, in the world? The prospect of this is too good for Tony to let be, so taking the opportunity he has never had before, he uses the scepter. What he does with it is enlist the help of fellow scientist Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) to cultivate his would-be peacekeeping program, Ultron. Tony believes that by giving it life he could ensure a world with a shield acting as protector.  

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When Ultron (voiced by James Spader) outstrips its creator and takes on a life of its own, the artificial intelligence program becomes the all-knowing god Tony never intended – it even outsmarts Jarvis (voiced by Paul Bettany). Because of this secret project, discord becomes the norm as Steve Rodgers (Chris Evans) blames Tony for his reckless invention. It takes Thor (Chris Hemsworth) revisiting his own unsettling vision to shed light on their present... 

In some ways I feel like this is the best film to come from the MCU while also being the one
that is sure to be a heartbreaker. Given the teasers I’ve read of the next film Captain America: Civil War, my fangirl loving heart was breaking as I watched this film progress. Each scene with the Avengers was as delightful as it was saddening. But I digress. Focusing on the good seems the better way to start. Let’s begin at the beginning. The film opens by immediately throwing us into the action. One might not expect this given the epicness an action scene usually invokes, but this sequence is hilarious. Seriously, I giggled through the whole thing. (An example of this being Captain America chastising Tony for his use of profanity. It doesn’t sound funny here, but in the moment plus considering it’s a joke carried throughout the script and you’ve got an entertaining bit.)

Speaking of that script, this one is amazing! I love the sense of playfulness it affects. Everything is “fun” despite the battle, which I appreciate given how otherwise dark the underpinnings of this story is (hint to DC Comics' Arrow, this is how one strikes a balance the two). There is some lovely romanticism (although the woman involved has pretty much flirted with everyone); a backstory for someone we desperately needed to know more about, and of course, that signature humor. Believe it or not, several of the statements we hear from the characters are (relevant) inspiring, mainly these come from Steve who is, as always, the moral compass of the group. He’s kind of like the ideal old-fashioned gentleman, which is the reason why I adore and admire him so very much.

Lest my fangirling get out of hand (I’m trying to keep it in check, guys), I’ll start to wind this review down. Part of the set up in this film (for the next MCU title) is disheartening but also intriguing beginnings for the next Avenger flick. Returning favorites like Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye, Cobie Smulder’s Maria Hill or Scarlett Johannsson’s Black Widow are all intact in this film (in addition to several other surprise appearances) and I’m really excited to see to what heights Wanda and Paul Bettany’s Vision are taken (also, I’m curious about Friday!). I do have to add, I'd love to see the girlfriends have a more prominent role in these worlds (Avengers). The scene of Thor and Tony arguing over whose girlfriend is the more successful was hilarious.

When all is said in done, this film was as near perfection as any superhero film has ever traveled. The action sequences were many, but I never felt they outlasted their welcome. There were epic speeches about what it means to be a hero and hilarious quips about the same fact – even if that might involve dying. Despite their somewhat silly premise, this film has more to teach us than we might imagine at first glance. That alone earns ‘Age of Ultron’ a second look. 

Did you like or dislike this film? Have any gushes or rants to share? Comment down below with your thoughts. I’d love to read them.

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Content: there's the usual Marvel standard of sci-fi violence, some minor profanity, and "tense" moments or sequences. The film is rated PG13.


  1. I totally agree; I think it's the best Marvel film to date.
    I went into thinking it was going to be really sad. Thankfully, it wasn't as sad as I expected.

    Can't wait to see what Marvel comes out with next!

    1. I loved that the signature humor is still intact. That made me REALLY happy. Like you, I'm anxious to experience whatever Marvel has next; I think it's either another "Thor" flick or 'Civil War.' Not sure which, but I suspect the latter will make my Marvel loving heart a little sad. :)

    2. I heard about 'Civil War' a while ago. It sounds promising:) Another Thor film would be great, as well.

    3. I thought the Thor sequel was really good, so returning to Thor and Jane's world is a must, and it is coming... though right now I don't remember when. ;) As for 'Civil War,' anytime I get to learn more about the Cap, and I'm all in! :)

  2. Love this movie. I completely agree w/aaaallll your points, Rissi. My favorite scene though? #shamelessfangirl The Wood Chopping Scene *swoon*

    1. Me too, Meghan! I'm such a Marvel fangirl (and am so going to post a pic of my little Funko Marvel duos). :D

      LOVE your hashtag and favorite scene; who doesn't love a good wood chopping scene? *thinks of Sense and Sensibility's Edward as played by Dan Stevens*


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