Christmas Incorporated (2015) - Corporate World Finds Christmas Spirit (and Romance!)

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Though a blanket statement could be made that all Hallmark films pull similar ideas of the Christmas films that we already know and love. That said, this in no way reduces the bright light they are. This is for a variety of reasons though the most notable of which is the sense of nostalgia they boast like your favorite and coziest sweater. This latest in the line of 2015 premieres, not to mention a telefilm airing on our favorite and most festive network, is the normal bit of fluff we all love. 

Riley Vance (Shenae Grimes-Beech) is ready to break out of the family business – the business her father built, and make something that’s her own in the big city. Though her parent’s don’t understand why she is pursuing job interview after job interview (interviews that always end in rejection), they support her completely.

Today, her resume is in the hands of William Young (Steve Lund), a young businessman eager to step out of his father’s shadow, not to mention, a man who goes through assistants like no one’s business. Riley is hired after impressing William in his discussion meeting about whether or not to close one of their toy factories… only trouble is, she does it while being mistaken for someone else; someone with a more prestigious resume.

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Once again, I give another “thumbs up” to Hallmark’s newest original. It’s as cute as its promotional material suggests and then some. While I do have some minor complaints, the overall conclusion is that this is darling. As I was watching this, that minor complaint is directed at the romance. Don’t misunderstand, it wasn’t because I didn’t like the leading couple together, it was more in the development of their relationship. I felt there wasn’t enough interest written into the script. But on reflection and in thinking back over the film, my mind shifted towards a positive connotation. The relationship between Riley and William was actually really well done. It was more about William coming to see value in Riley, and there being a spark of interest that went beyond that. As a result, there wasn’t anything unbelievable that came about and while, I did think the end was way too… abrupt, my enjoyment of this was still 100%.

The contrasting personalities of the leading couple was interesting and William’s Grinch persona (albeit a cute Grinch) counterbalances Riley’s bubbly, cheerful self. The premise was good too as was the absence of any sort of exes from the lives of William and Riley, and I thought the tree decorating scene was perfectly adorbs! If you were to copy and paste any other review of a Hallmark film into today’s post, the result would be much the same as my rambling today. By this, I mean only the highest of compliments. I love the reliability these films have. They’re almost “comforting” on a cold winter night and if you happen to pair this with a cup of hot chocolate, that’s all the better. Pop some popcorn, curl up in your favorite blanket, and enjoy Christmas Incorporated.

Will you be watching? Or have you seen this one? Sound off below.  

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  1. Yeah, it wasn't perfect. But overall very cute! And made my romantic heart sigh. Which is always a happy thing! :D A few things I noticed? Grinchy William wasn't all that grinchy. Not that that's a bad thing! I just thought it kind of funny that it got mentioned several times in the beginning how grinchy he was and I didn't think he was at all hardly. Maybe it was just me? My only other thing is that the ending was definitely too abrupt! I wish we'd have gotten at least a couple more minutes of cuteness. Ah well. Still cute! And I'm glad I watched it. :)

    1. Part of the charm of these is that they're imperfect, right!? :D That's why we cannot get enough of them. Well that, and as you mention, the whole happy thing making the romantic side of us all swoony. ;)

      I'm glad you shared some of your thoughts! Thanks so much, Kara. I'll have to notice the whole Grinch thing next time I watch it. I think he was relatively un-Grinch-like, I'd agree, but he did have a bit of an aversion. He wasn't mean Grinch that's for sure! And the ending!? YES! Hallmark needs to smooth those out. :)


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