Crown for Christmas (2015) - NYC Maid Finds Royal Love Story in Hallmark Christmas Film

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Last night, the delightful Hallmark original Crown for Christmas aired. If you missed it, check your listings because British period drama fans are sure to love this darling little flick! It's one of those movies that leaves you with a goofy grin and plenty of fabulous memories plus Rupert Penry-Jones co-stars... so there IS that too.

If you like any similar Christmas flicks or something akin to the Cinderella fable, you're certain to love this darling film. I had a chance to review this over on Silver Petticoat, so below is a snippet of said review plus the link to read it in full.

TV FILM REVIEW | A Christmas Detour (2015)

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Crown for Christmas Review

If the state of my Microsoft Word “recent file” tab is anything to go by, it’s clear I watch and subsequently review a lot of TV Christmas movies this time of year. (Maybe even too many.) So far this year, my tradition continues with Crown for Christmas. As is the case with any of the new original films Hallmark airs, I have again fallen prey to my weakness that is Christmas movies. Last night’s Hallmark premiere, Crown for Christmas, is more than a little bit cute, primarily because a familiar British face shows up in the role of leading man – and he’s a king, no less! Continue Reading➔

What did you think of this new Countdown to Christmas flick? Share your thoughts down below!


  1. I thought this one was adorable--my favorite (so far!) of this year's Hallmark Christmas offerings.

    1. It was adorable, Becky! Of course, part of that was probably the presence of a British actor who also happened to star as Captain Wentworth. ;)

    2. Oh, absolutely! I mean, I'm ALWAYS all about the Hallmark movies, but his presence just made it that much better :-)

    3. *high five* Now, we need him to return for another Hallmark rom-com. :)

  2. This is still one of my faves from Christmas 2015. I love RPJ and this movie just fills me with squee! :D

    1. Me too, Kara. I think mom and I watched it two or three times in the span of one Christmas season. ;)


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