Month in Review: November 2015

Monday, November 30, 2015

Hello, readers. I trust you all enjoyed a beautiful and happy Thanksgiving holiday. Without preamble, let's get this month in review started.  

things, places and events that were favorites from the month

1. Baubles, Beads and Stuff SALE: I've not talked about our Etsy shop a lot over here. But through tomorrow, we are currently having a storewide sale. We've added some new stuff and will certainly be adding MORE as the days lead into Christmas. Come by and visit us if you like - Christmas is right around the corner!

2. Captain America, Civil War: The next in the Marvel franchise is Captain America, Civil War. Having finally sat down to watch the trailer, I'd be lying if I didn't say this trailer made my fangirl loving heart sad. I do so hope the writer's heal this rift because... *sniff* I'm sad to see a tear in the otherwise solid and amazing Avengers team.  
What do you think about the trailer?

3.  Christmas: It's beginning to look at lot like Christmas... at least in terms of my Microsoft Word "recent tab." I have reviewed a lot of Christmas movies this month (what else is new, right!?) and likely have a few more to come. Now... I just need that spirit to transfer to my cards and trees. (Ps; the link above - embedded with "Christmas" - will take you to the Christmas blog page with the movie links, etc.)

4. The Huntsman, Winter's War: The first trailer dropped for the prequel/sequel to 2012's Snow White and the Huntsman. Let me tell ya', this one looks epic!

5. Mockingjay, Part 2: Loved seeing ONE of these films in the theaters. The conclusion was epic!  

6. Thanksgiving: Our Thanksgiving was super quiet, but lovely nonetheless. We had lots of good food (finishing off my pumpkin/chocolate pie tonight because yum that was one good recipe) and plenty of laughs, no matter the smallness of our number. How was your day?

*I was going to talk about some of my NEW TV addictions. But That's enough writing for now. Maybe a separate blog post dedicated to that!?  Ps; there are FUN giveaways coming next week. Or at least, I'm SUPER excited about them.
...Blog Favorites... 
blog posts that, while not necessarily popular, were some of my favorite to feature.

1. Avengers, Age of Ultron (2015): Best. Avengers. Movie. Yet. 
2. The Hunger Games, Mockingjay, Part 2 (2015): Loved this epic conclusion. So well adapted. Have you seen it?

3. Once Upon a Holiday (2015): Because contemporary fairy tale!

4. The Perfect Arrangement by Katie Ganshert: A delightful novella that has an "old fashioned" romance quality.

5. Mockingjay, Part 2 (2015): Loved this epic conclusion. So well adapted. Have you seen it?

6. Top Ten Tuesday ǀ Fictional Families: Because it was fun to put together.  

7. Young Widows Club by Alexandra Coutts: Interesting and compelling YA novel.

...Most Popular Posts...

...Books I Read This Month...

*I'm not quite done with Kristen's novel yet... but I have a few hours left, so I'm claiming it as a November read with the hopes of reviewing it on Wednesday.
...Around the Interwebs...

Silver Petticoat: Though we continue to build up our period drama archives at Silver Petticoat, we had fun reviewing some other things too. One of those things for me was reviewing Hallmark Channel's Crown for Christmas which actually has a period drama connection. British star Rupert Penry-Jones stars who will be a familiar face to those of you who liked ITV's Persuasion or BBC's The 39 Steps. I also got to review The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 and gush about 7 reasons why Gilmore Girls return is the best news... ever.

On the romance side, I featured two beautiful "romantic moments" in the popular series that is romantic moments on Silver Petticoat. The first was Vera Brittain and Roland Leighton, the second was William Murdoch and Julia Ogden.

Books: I reviewed Katherine Reay's beautiful The Bronte Plot and only today, Bethany Hagen's Landry Park, which is a great read for those of you who like Downton Abbey.

Films: To pair with the "romantic moment" of Vera Brittain, I also reviewed the film adaptation of her novel, also titled Testament of Youth, Casnova (with Heath Ledger) and John Green's film adaptation of Paper Towns.

Of course, I continued to recap The Flash with another recap coming on Wednesday for the epic first part of the Arrow crossover episode. If you ever wish to chat about the week's episode, you know where to find me. All in all, a busy but productive month, I'd say.

That's the month in review here at Dreaming Under the Same Moon. Have any thoughts, favorite finds or reads from the month? Share if you'd like.

I hope your November was lovely, friends.  Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas season with the new - and final month of 2015.


  1. I wasn't planning on posting a trailers post on my blog next week (or was it the week after?) but then I saw the trailer for Captain America: Civil War and was like "Yeah, I need to talk about that." I still haven't gotten around to Age of Ultron but CW has definitely piqued my curiosity. All the feels, haha ;_;

    Sounds like you had a wonderful and busy November, Rissi. Happy December! :)

    1. YES! You definitely need to talk about this "Civil War" trailer, Lianne. I'm sort of in fangirl tears about it (right now, probably by the time it releases I'll be "over it")... but we have to hope things will get resolved, right!?

      CW has awesome stuff. I mean, sometimes it's a bit... cheesy, but overall, I love their shows. They have a lot of good writing. :)

      Thanks. You too, Lianne. Hard to believe it's December already! Yikes. Where does the time go!?

  2. OMGoodness, you watch Murdoch??? <3 Going to go check out your post. =)

    1. I do watch Murdoch Mysteries. It's such a fun show, isn't it!? And thanks! :)

  3. I am so excited to see Mockingjay Pt. 2! I'm waiting until the DVD comes out. I have to say though, I've lost steam with the Avengers movies. It feels like they're starting to become a bit contrived, like a TV show that's gone on too long.


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