Thankgiving Blessings

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Another holiday season is upon us. 2015 has flown by and today, we are coming together with our loved ones to celebrate another Thanksgiving holiday. With all of the hustle and bustle busyness the season brings, it’s important to remember the real value and meaning this day should inspire. True the holiday may mean many things – everything from a table laden with good food to football games and Christmas movies, but while the fun and games is all well and good, the day is and should be about family. It’s about coming together and thinking of the many blessings we have. The things we are fortunate to enjoy in this journey through life.

I know I’m fortunate. I have so many people and things to be thankful for. My family and life. A warm home and being able to do something I love. All of you who take time to read, comment and encourage. And so many nameless simple joy blessings I experience on a daily basis.

Today, instead of worrying over the next day or week, planning Christmas lists or having the perfect table, pause and remember. Take a moment to think of the simple things.

Enjoy family. Enjoy laughter. Enjoy life.  

Wishing you all of this and more.  
Happy Thanksgiving, dear friends and readers.
May your day be full of laugher and family.

In closing and just for fun, make sure you tune into Hallmark Channel tonight.
Their five-night original premiere extravaganza continues with 12 Gifts of Christmas.
I liked this one more than I anticipated!

12 Gifts of Christmas (2015)

You can see its debut tonight along with these Hallmark Channel films this afternoon...

Once Upon a Holiday
Northpole: Open For Christmas



  1. Happy Thanksgiving! You're right Rissi! :) Thanks for this! :)

    1. Thanks so much - and right back atcha. Hope you and yours enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

  2. A day late, but Happy Thanksgiving to you Rissi!

    1. Thanks so much - and to you as well, Katie! I hope you enjoyed a wonderful day. :)

  3. Happy (belated) Thanksgiving, my friend! I hope yours was delightful. I'm so thankful for you and your friendship, your comments, our twitter are awesome! :)

    1. Same to you, Kara. Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving holiday with your family. :) Right back atcha. I'm so (so) glad we met! It's always great to have a Twitter thread going with you, #BookBestie! :)

  4. Beautiful post, Rissi. Hope you had a great one. :)

    1. Thanks, Bekah. And right back atcha, friend. Hope your day was wonderful. :)


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