Christmas Land (2015)

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Tonight is a bittersweet one in the world of TV land. Or at least it is for the Christmas movie fan girls among us. Tonight is Hallmark Channel’s final premiere of the 2015 Countdown to Christmas season. The script follows Jules Cooper (Nikki DeLoach), a New York city girl who inherits her grandmother’s “Christmas Land,” a holiday-themed family tourist spot that has brought joy to many lives over the years. Having been gone since she was a child – without a recent visit, Jules decides to visit her property with plans of selling it without looking back. 

When she arrives at Christmas Land, it’s to see the place shut down, but memories remind her why it’s such a special place. She also meets the attorney for the estate Tucker (Luke Macfarlane). As he shows Jules around her childhood fantasy land, the two of them begin to set plans in motion for how best to reimagine and recapture the magic of Christmas Land. 

If there has to be a final film in this year’s series, this isn’t an unpleasant way to close out the year’s line-up. Christmas Land is full of charm and holiday season magic. The setting ups the sense of “magic” and of course, there is plenty of winter scenes to help sell the festive atmosphere of the story. The cast does a nice job with their respective parts as well. As is a habit with several of Hallmark's productions, the familiar face of Luke will be recognized by those who enjoyed Hallmark (Movie) Channel's The Memory Book.
Jules as a character is a nice person to get to know. She is always likable (even in the beginning), but her journey to rediscovering herself and what is really important to her is a good lesson for anyone to learn. By returning to her roots, she is flooded not only with the memories of family and what really matters, in that same vein, she finds a piece of her heart she had lost somewhere in the shuffle between childhood innocence and big city success story.
Those of you wishing to enjoy one last new original of the season, catch Christmas Land tonight. Families with young children or those who are fans of Northpole, will find this cute piece of enchantment sure to please.

Catch Christmas Land tonight, December 20th on Hallmark Channel. 

Photo: Hallmark

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