Romantic TV Spotlight | Downton Abbey's Mary and Matthew and a Long Awaited Proposal

Sunday, December 20, 2015

In a matter of days, the gorgeous period drama Downton Abbey will end its six-year reign of making us smile, exhale in frustration, swoon over a beautiful declaration and breaking our hearts. Across the pond, the finale of the sixth season is set to premiere at the end of this week and with it, a small part of my fan-girl loving heart is tangled in bittersweet knots. Having watched nearly the entire sixth season, I feel like this season has hit a happier stride that suits the show. Alas, for now, this is all Julian Fellowes has written for us.

In part, this is why I was thrilled to have opportunity to revisit the epic romance that was Matthew and Mary Crawely. For all of the six years we've "lived" with this family through the ups and downs, I don't think there were many viewers who were against this romance - even those who dislike Mary. Theirs was a beautiful, true and perfect kind of love. Matthew made Mary her best self, which in and of itself was remarkable, and written to screen beautifully. My revisiting this romance came about when I was able to spotlight the couple through Silver Petticoat's feature, "Classic Romantic Moment," and what a joyful kind of writing project that was.

For "work," I was able to skip through the Christmas special during which Matthew (finally) asks his lady's hand in marriage. Watching through some of it reminded me just how fabulous this series really was, not to mention this scene. OhMyGosh. This moment was picture perfect. From the expressions to the writing, it was ideal.

Without further gushing, below is a snippet of said article and the direct link should anyone wish to revisit this romantic proposal in the snow scene.

Classic Romantic Moment: Downton Abbey’s Mary and Matthew – A Christmas Proposal

THE SHOW: Downton Abbey
THE PAIRING: Lady Mary Crawley (Michelle Dockery) and Matthew Crawley (Dan Stevens)
THE EPISODE: Season Two, Episode Nine (“Christmas at Downton”)
THE MOMENT: The Proposal

Amid the ups and downs of this six-season series, I don’t think there were many fans that didn’t root for the primary love story of Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley. Even through the convenient obstacles that were placed in their lives or the separations, there was something magnificent about these two together. Mary is the epitome of a proper British lady right down to her stiff upper lip and because of that, she isn’t the most popular character on the show. Continue Reading (With Spoilers!) ➔


  1. Well of COURSE this is a classic moment!!! I love, love, love it and sometimes I put in my dvd just so I can rewatch that scene again....and again. ;)

    1. This is a scene WELL worth of re-watching time and again, Kara. *happy sigh* It's so beautiful... and well written after such a dramatic up and down relationship between these two. :)


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