Dashing Through the Snow (2015) - Romantic (Mis)Adventures at Christmastime

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Anytime a movie can sprinkle in some fun mystery, an entertaining time is sure to be discovered inside whatever cute world is waiting. Sure to up the game is the co-mingling of a Christmas script with said cozy mystery. That’s just what tonight’s new Christmas film premiere is all about.  

Running into the cancellation of her flight is not how Ashley Harrison (Meghan Ory) planned her Christmas holiday to begin. Things go from bad to worse when, after trying to rent a car (and being told there is none left), Ashley watches someone bribe the agent for the last form of transportation. When that person - a an annoying albeit somehow very charming person, turns out to be Dash Sutherland (Andrew Walker), he offers her a ride and the two set out to make their respective destinations by Christmas… little knowing they both have secrets. 

Based on a novel by a familiar book-to-screen adaptations on Hallmark, Debbie Macomber (Mrs. Miracle, Mr. Miracle, Trading Christmas), going into this I didn’t know much. During a girl’s night in, my mom and I watched it on a whim and before 3 minutes had passed, we were giggling over its charm and surprising wit. The fact that the script throws in a cozy kind of mystery only served as further validation this was exactly the kind of chick flick we were sure to approve of. This turned out to be quite true.

Fans of Once Upon a Time will love seeing fan favorite Storybrooke character Red/Ruby (Meghan Ory, also of CBS’ short-lived Intelligence) in something else and avid fans of this network are sure to recognize Andrew Walker. The good-looking hero starred in films like A Bride for Christmas and Bridal Wave (both with co-star Arielle Kebbel). Together, the two of them were fabulous. They enjoyed an easy-going banter that played well together. Likely a big help to that was the “opposites attract” spectrum. Where Ashley was spontaneous and fun (the character quirk involving her constantly calling his mother was hilarious), Dash was definitely more about rules and keeping a professional distance. I thought the personalities worked well together and created a darling story.  
Unfortunately for all this goodness, I have to again make my petty complaint about the ending. It was not only rushed, but sort of… flat after the overindulgence of adorableness previous. The mystery gets loopy a time or two as well. This being said, naturally, I still give this one two thumbs up. It’s as cute as it can be, and is most certainly a TV film I’d like to see released to DVD at this time next year. It’d have a place next to the other Debbie Macomber films that are frequent re-watches at my house.  

Have you seen or will you be watching Dashing Through the Snow? What’s your favorite Debbie Mccomber adaptation? Comment down below with any thoughts.  

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  1. I'm DVRing Dashing Through the Snow I want to finish the book before I watch the movie. My favorite Debbie Macomber movie has to be Mrs. Miracle.

    1. YAY! I'd love to know what you think, Carissa. I thought this one was super cute and I hope you enjoy it in comparison to the novel as well.

      Mrs. Miracle is darling. I 100% agree. :)

  2. I actually got to see this one already and it was so cute! Great chemistry between the leads, Meghan is such a sweety and Mr. Walker is not bad to look at ;-)

    1. Right on, Birdie! I agree. The chemistry was great and of course, anything that's a Christmas movie, and I heart it! :)


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