On the Twelfth Day of Christmas (2015)

Saturday, December 12, 2015

As the new premieres of 2015 wind down for this year’s Hallmark Channel TV flicks of holiday cheer - *insert sad face* - their latest chronicles a series of gifts, a scrooge of a hero (with good reason) and the return of some familiar faces. The story follows Maggie Chalke (Broke Nevin, Come Dance at my Wedding), an idealistic journalist working at her home town’s smaller newspaper offices. As a freshman in college, Maggie met Mitch O’Grady (Robin Dunne, Aurora Teagarden) and ever since – some ten years later, she has wondered what happened to him. Turns out, Mitch is now in her hometown with his own radio show, but beyond that, he’s a completely different man.

Instead of the Christmas spirit he once held with reverence, he’s now turned into a holiday Scrooge. Knowing what Christmas meant to him and wishing to repay him for the kindness he once showed her, Maggie decides to gift him “12 days of Christmas” gifts in the hopes it’ll help him remember the meaning of Christmas. Everything starts out fine until her boss gets wind of the story and puts her on the trail of this secret Santa with orders to write the holiday puff piece.

TV MOVIE REIVEW: Just in Time for Christmas (2015)

Of the films I saw in this year’s Countdown to Christmas 2015 titles, I think this one has the best pace. The added benefit of a past between Maggie and Mitch makes their eventual heart-of-the-matter moment all the more genuine. (Plus it's not afraid to put its limited time to good us.) Some of the same sweet, and even heartwarming, clichés play into the script such as a break up, but by and large, I didn’t mind this go-round because even that was understood. Plus, the reasons had merit.  

The story this script lays out is really quite fabulous. Maggie and Mitch being likable characters pushes this fact to its fullest potential as does the cute sequences of the normal Christmastime activities they share together. What I found so inspiring about this script was the deeper meaning the story has in contrast with the lighter “fluff” of the romance. I liked the sense of rediscovery Maggie tried to recreate for Mitch. From a scripting perspective it made for a positive kind of influence and reminds the viewer of the reasons this season has so much meaning; Christmas is for remembering rather than trying to place it in a box and neatly forget about it.  

As can be said of each of the new premieres – or even Hallmark’s oldie films, if you have enjoyed the other premieres of the season, you’re sure to find something good about On the Twelfth Day of Christmas. I personally enjoyed seeing familiar faces reappear in another of these wholesome films, and of course, simply the fact that this is a Christmas film earns it brownie points. If you’re planning a night in, turn on the twinkle lights, pop some popcorn and snag your favorite movie seat. After that, all that’s left to do is tune in to this delightful bit of Christmas cheer.  

Catch On the Twelfth Day of Christmas tonight December 12th on Hallmark Channel. Until its premiere, have a look at this promotional spot. 

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  1. I really enjoyed this one! I was a bit hesitant to watch it, just because of lingering issues with the male lead due to his role on "Dawson's Creek" ages ago. (Which, yes, is completely ridiculous reasoning!) I totally agree with you on the pacing, and I thought the leads had great chemistry (something that's not always present in Hallmark films). Definitely one of the films I'll look forward to catching again.

    1. That's not ridiculous, Becky; I'm like that as well for certain people. For example, I saw "Warren" from Cedar Cove in a Hallmark romantic lead (All of my Heart) and I had trouble warming to him because of his Warren character. :)

      Me too! I liked the pacing, yes, and enjoyed the leads together as well. They had a nice easy-going chemistry. :) Glad you wound up enjoying this one!

      PS; I'll be in touch soon regarding your DVD giveaway win and email question. I've not forgotten! :D

    2. Just saw this because I forgot to check the "notify me" button when I originally commented! I had the same thing happen with "Warren" only in reverse--I had trouble seeing him as a bad guy because I liked him so much in "The Nanny Express." I did get over it, though, as Warren was so loathsome :-) And I simply adored "All of my Heart"--it's on my Amazon wish list right now!

    3. Oh, and I'm looking forward to seeing him with Lacey Chabert again this weekend in "A Christmas Melody" :-)

    4. OhMyGosh! I totally forgot about "Warren" being in The Nanny Express, Becky. I saw him in that first as well. What is wrong with me!? ;) That one is super cute too, so I'll have to forgive him for playing Warren.

      Yay for All of My Heart, and let me know what you thought of A Christmas Melody. I didn't see that one. :)

    5. Well, this might be a case of having too high of expectations ... I mean, "A Christmas Melody" was fine, but it wasn't one of my favorites of the season. I think part of it had to do with Mariah Carey's presence. Her acting was decent enough, but I couldn't ever quite forget I was watching Mariah Carey. Also, an elementary-aged girl (Lacey's character's daughter) and "Warren" supposedly wrote Carey's "Oh Santa!" for the Christmas program--which just served to reinforce the notion that "this is a Mariah Carey movie."

      The love story was super cute (he was a band geek in high school who had a crazy crush on her; she was a popular girl who didn't really know he existed, and they got to know each other when she moved back to town with her daughter), and the leads had great chemistry, as you'd expect. Overall, the film just wasn't as great as I'd hoped it would be. But that won't stop me from watching it again next Christmas :-)

    6. I know what you mean, Becky. Sometimes I anticipate something from Hallmark (or anywhere) and wind up being more disappointed than not. I didn't watch A Christmas Melody but it wasn't one I was highly anticipating. Maybe because I didn't feel like the plot was that interesting (the whole rival thing can quickly spiral into "too much" silliness) or perhaps, like you found, perhaps it was the cast.

      I'll see this one at some point too - and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on it. I'm sure no matter its flaws, it is cute. That's what I appreciate about all of Hallmark's productions. They're still darling no matter that we have our personal favorites. :)

  2. I liked this one!!! The fact that they did have a past together made the "fast" romance very believable. The supporting cast (her sister & his boss) played their roles well and added a little humor. It was wrapped up nicely in the end, too. And, the 12 gifts were such a cute idea! This is one (just one) of my favorites from this year.

    1. I agree, Courtney! I thought this was one of the better Hallmarks of this season as well. Like you said, the fact they shared a past makes the story "work" much better and the plot beyond that was indeed cute. :)


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