Love on the Sidelines (2016) - A Witty Romantic Comedy About Opposites

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Immediately following their successful “Countdown to Christmas” campaign, Hallmark Channel launched a “Winterfest” that was set to feature four new original films. This is the third in that line up, and just as it was meant to it coincides perfectly with the time of year we’re at.

As one of the NFL’s most revered quarterbacks, Danny Ingram (John Reardon) is more than a little dissatisfied when he has to watch his teammates every Sunday from the sidelines. Injuring his foot isn’t ideal for any player yet for Danny it causes him to be more surly than usual.

Enter Laurel (Emily Kinney). Struggling in her passion for fashion design, Laurel needs work – and fast! Thanks to the arrival of a new roommate, she finds an unexpected job as a personal assistant. Her client is Danny Ingram and from the start, their professional partnership is doomed. Danny is more comfortable with a male assistant having practically lived in the locker room for his formidable years, which means Laurel’s knock on his door is anything but welcome. To make matters worse, she knows next to nothing about the game Danny is so committed to.

My go-to “chick flick channel” has done it again. As the first 2016 original I tuned into, I was immediately swept up in the sweet romance and characters this script gives a viewer. Being the type of girl that I am, I related to Laurel a great deal (although I am versed on the sport considering I have family who are football fanatics) and the humorous ways the script shows her ignorance is sure to garner some giggles.

Keeping up with its many predecessors, the cast has a nice, easy-going chemistry that made watching this a breezy rom-com kind of experience. Emily was a new face to me though some of you will likely know her from the popular zombie survival show, The Walking Dead and some will recognize a familiar face in leading man, John Reardon. He co-starred in 2014’s The Christmas Secret (a favorite from the year), making seeing him in another leading man role entertaining – not to mention, playing the role very well.

Those who are looking for a cozy night in kind of chick flick should look no further than Love on the Sidelines. It’s a snazzy little opposites attract in a fashion vs. football kind of match up. There are some nice moments, a few swoon-y bits of cuteness and plenty of football thrown in to round out the clashing personalities. Those of us who have no loyalty to watching Saturday’s playoffs just might find something more to our living in this romantic-comedy; it’s a winner in this girls playbook.

(This post does contain affiliate links. Read the disclosure page for details.) You can buy Love on the Sidelines on Amazon Video or purchase a copy on DVD.

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  1. Wonderful review!! I actually started this one yesterday (because I saw that it was premiering on your IG) but my dad (who can't stand Hallmark movies lol) convinced me mid-through to go to the movie theaters with him. :P I ended up watching 13 Hours, which was really good, but I still really want to finish this cuteness! Think I'm headed to watch the rest of it now... :) Thanks so much for sharing! Whenever you post about a new Hallmark movie, my grandma and I will usually try to watch them. :)

    1. A trip to the movies isn't a bad reason to ditch a Hallmark, Bekah. And 13 Hours sounds really good! Glad to know it's worth seeing. As for this one, I hope you enjoyed the rest of the cuteness - because it was in full and perfect form. :D


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