Month in Review | December 2015

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016, friends. It’s arrived. The final month of 2015 and not only that, today is the first day of a new year, I just didn’t get this posted sooner as was originally the plan. Yesterday, we not only said goodbye to a month we’re said good bye to 2015. A year, which, much to my vexation has flown by at an alarming rate that really, if I’m being honest, doesn’t sit well with me. *smile* People tell me the reason the years seem to run on one speed is because I’m getting older. Thanks, but I’ll find another reason methinks... *smile*

Another month’s close means another “month in review” here on DUTSM. 
…..Favorites from December 2015….. 

1. 2015 Favorites: Each year end, the one thing (in blogging) that I look forward to is the flurry of annual "favorites lists." This applies not only to my own blogging work, but that of all of my favorite bloggers too. It's interesting to scroll through the lists of bloggers whom I admire and to see which amazing books I missed out on.

Favorite Books of 2015 | Silver Screen Favorites of 2015

2. Ashkal: Thanks to Etsy, I discovered an amazing minimalist metal jewelry shop. I ordered two rings for my self, received and loved them, and promptly ordered another for my mother. In all likelihood I'll order once more this month for another Christmas gift.

3. Christmas Season: The Christmas season was quiet, but lovely. As it's my favorite time of year, I'm not happy to admit its over, but for us, it does feel as if it's living on a smidgeon longer. We have two Christmas celebrations yet to go.
4. Ear Cuffs: Okay, so I finally found a treasure trove of ear cuffs (at fashion jewelry central, Claire's) and am in love. Since I recently added another pierce to my ear, I went into the store I hadn't visited for years (but was a teenage favorite) for some studs for gifts, and needless to say I walked out with more "self gifts" than for my cousin. Since I'm not wild about the idea of getting upper ear pierces, between these cuffs  and my trusty bottle of black nail polish, this is as "edgy" as I get.
5. INSPY Awards: Along with my amazing, fellow Advisory Board members, we're thrilled to open the 2016 awards for this blogger award. The nominations are now open (until January 16th), and this year, a change was made. Instead of us choosing the long list, it's being decided by popular nomination. Be sure to add your voice to the nomination process by nominating your favorite reads of 2015!

6. SALE: Just as a friendly FYI, I wanted to let you know until tomorrow, January 2nd, the Etsy shop, Baubles, Beads and Stuff is on sale.
Thanks to everyone who showed interest in the shop these past couple months.
boho and vintage inspired jewelry

…..Favorite Blog Posts…..
(Blog posts that, while not necessarily the most popular, were fun to write)

1. Bookes and Beverages | The Shoppe: it was such fun to be a small part of Jamie's (of Books and Beverages) new Shoppe as part of her launch team. Seeing her products and writing about them was even more fun.

2. Novellas: I really enjoyed writing these three novella reviews

One Enchanted Christmas | The Proposal | A Singular and Whimsical Problem

3. A Royal Night Out: this period drama is pure delight from beginning to end

4. Spectre: lots of fun was the latest 007 spy flick

…..Most Popular Yearly Posts…..

…..Monthly Popular Posts (December 2015)…..
5. Giveaway | Herringford and Watts Mysteries (closed)

…..Popular Posts the Week of December 25th - January 1st ….. 

4. Favorite Books of 2015 
5. The INSPY Awards | Year Six is Now Open 

.......Yearly Books Reads.......

But, I'm convinced Goodreads cheated me out of some 2015 reads.

.......Books Read in December.......


…..Around the Interwebs…..

Silver Petticoat: as usual, I enjoyed another fun month contributing to Silver Petticoat. My primary this month seemed to be contributing to the "lists" feature of the site. This past month those included 10 Favorite Literary Couples I Read in 2015, 16 Upcoming YA Novels of 2016, 10 YA Fantasy Novels on my Shelf, and 15 Hallmark Channel Christmas Original Movies to Watch.
Film reviews included the beautiful The Duchess and Julian Fellowes' one and only murder mystery, Gosford Park. TV reviews consisted of Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge, Part 1, and the only book review I wrote (for the site) was Richelle Mead's Soundless.

Finally, I wrote a feature "Classic Romantic Moment" on the lovely romance that was Downton Abbey's Matthew and Mary, and that proposal in the snow. *happy sigh*

I'm looking forward to another great year contributing to this fabulous site and working with the awesome editors who keep the site running. Already I'm excited about this new year of writing because this weekend ITV's Downton Abbey begins its final season and with it, my weekly recaps start. So... if you're looking for a place to gush or vent, come on by.  
That's what my blogging month looked like. How was your month? 
Share any fun findings you discovered or comment about whatever else you'd like to down below.
Thanks for visiting, friends.  


  1. Happy New Year Rissi! Glad to hear you had a lovely Christmas :) Wrapping up the year with favourites lists (books and otherwise) is my favourite part of the new year, haha. Wishing you a lovely January :)

    1. Happy New Year, Lianne! I hope you enjoyed an amazing Christmas and have an equally great 2016 (who gave it permission to arrive!?). I enjoy favorites lists too - and I'll have to drop by to read yours! Very soon. :)

  2. High five to another great month in review post, Rissi!! Love reading these. Oo, all the books you read last month I want to read!! Especially the Lynette Eason one. Happy January!! :)

    1. Lynette Eason's book is ah-ma-zing, Bekah. I so hope you enjoy it - and thanks for reading! I do enjoy putting these together, so I'm keeping to it for now. Plus, I'll confess to it being fun to see what does well (analytics wise) vs. what doesn't. :D

  3. What a busy month you've had! I, too, have been enjoying all the "favorites lists". Creating them and reading them! It's been getting all my fangirl-feels up in a tizzy. ^^
    I'm looking forward to another awesome year of fandoms, reviews and stories. Keep up the awesome work!

    1. I felt like I did this month, Joni, which is unusual since December is typically a slow reader month (because of Christmas). It felt nice to read as much as I did (novellas and all).

      Ditto! I'm anticipating another fabulous year full of the same things - and the same to you. Looking forward to what you bring to your world of blogging. :)


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