Month in Review | January 2016

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Good afternoon, blogger friends! How was your first month of 2016? I hope the New Year started off well for you all and perhaps even had some new discoveries – of the pleasant sort, as you rang in the sixteenth year of this millennium. Mine included finally finishing Downton Abbey (THOUGHTS are coming guys, oh will there be thoughts!) among other more meaningful family get-togethers and the like.

Another month’s close means another “month in review” here on DUTSM. 
…..Favorites from January 2016….. 

1. Ant-Man: Late though I was to this installment in the MCU party, suffice to say, I absolutely love(lovelove) this most recent addition to the franchise. Ant-Man is going to be a marvel for this team. 

2. Baking Projects: I've been experimenting with homemade cupcakes (why I don't really know since I am anything but a baker), but it's been fun. Since today is also my dad's birthday, I made my first ever homemade birthday cake - *bites nails* - and I'm nervous about the outcome!

3.  Christmas: Yesterday was a family Christmas, which was nice. We were loud and had plenty of laughs, enjoyed some yummy food and passed around some perfectly lovely gifts.

4. INSPYs: Following our longlist announcements on Saturday (the 23rd), we began the next step in the INSPYs timeline, and this week INSPY books began showing up on my doorstep! I cannot thank the amazing publicists and publishers for the role they play in seeing to it that this program runs as smoothly as it does. THANK YOU!

5. Sherlock, The Abominable Bride: I won't say more about this because review is coming, but... yeah. It's Sherlock.

6. TV Season: It was mid-season premiere time this past January, and yep, you guessed it, this meant I become a tiny bit addicted to some new shows. One being War and Peace, which is scrumptious though sadly contains more adult material than it needed to be truly great.

Rather than talk about them, I’ll list the reviews below and tell you this: there are more reviews to come.  

Did you discover a new favorite mid-season addiction?  

…..Favorite Blog Posts…..

(Blog posts that, while not necessarily the most popular, were fun to write)

1. The Blacklist, Season Two - because it's never too late to gush about a favorite show.

2. Meet the Blogger | Kate's 10 Favorite Literary Heroines - here's hoping I can bring this series back.

3.  Mission: Impossible, Rogue Nation - such a fun franchise!

4.  Unleashing Mr. Darcy - a brilliant and sassy re-imaging of the Jane Austen classic.

5. You're the One That I Want by Susan May Warren - brilliant way to end this beloved series.

…..Monthly Popular Posts (January 2016)…..

Kristoffer Polaha and Meghan Markle in Hallmark's Dater's Handbook

…..Popular Posts the Week of January 24th - 31st …..

5. Shadowhunters, Season One: Episodes 1 -2 (2016)
.......January 2016 Books Completed.......

Sadly, this month was not a good month for reading. Or not as I mentally planned it to be. I'm behind on my review reading (which I feel badly about) and need to see to it I get two books read/reviewed this week that should have been published in January.

…..Around the Interwebs….. 

Silver Petticoat: It was a really (really) good month over on Silver Petticoat. The first half started off a bit slow, but the latter half of the month was jam-packed with new articles and reviews, which all were amazing.  

My contributions for the month included film reviews of the following titles. A Knight’s Tale (a hilarious probably obscure film starring the late great Heath Ledger); Possession (two words: Jennifer Ehle and Jeremy Northam); The Rocketeer (a Disney "classic" for me); and Unleashing Mr. Darcy (a modern Pride and Prejudice as seen on Hallmark). Also, as it was the midseason premiere rush, I had great fun contributing to the television archives by reviewing Colony, Legends of Tomorrow, and Mercy Street. Finally, to wrap up the reviews I reviewed Evangeline Denmark's Curio and Susan Dennard's Truthwitch.

I've also been recapping Downton Abbey's final season (so fun!), so be sure to come by and vent or swoon, whichever you like. My next one won't go up 'til Tuesday (at the earliest) as our editors are making a move and we've got some delayed articles as a result. The latest chronicles Episode Four in all its glory. (Plus, Tom is BACK!)

Also, I put together Nine of the Underrated Romantic Moments in Period Drama (or 9 of my favorites) and shone a spotlight on a Classic Romantic Moment between Jane Eyre and Rochester (*swoon*).
That is DUTSM Blog's Month in Review.
What new discoveries or favorite finds did you discover? (Also, I plan on trying to start incorporating some favorite blog posts from around the blogosphere - I'm always putting these together last minute so I forget! Which blog posts did you love from this month?) 
Let me know all of your favorites.


  1. I liked Ant Man too , thought it had some funny bits. And I didn't catch any of those premieres other than Shannara, although I did start Orphan Black and am now addicted I think. I did kinda want to see Legends of Tomorrow, I'll have to check out your review.

    1. Ant Man was hilarious! I think what I liked so well about it was that it was able to go ahead with some of the "same-old" tropes, yet put a spin on them BECAUSE of Ant Man's powers.

      Hope you enjoy 'Legends'! It was fun though I'll confess I've not watched additional episodes. Probably because I'm currently "stuck" on too many others. :D

  2. Wait, Jennifer Ehle and Jeremy Northam in the same film??? I need to see that!

    Dance A Real

    1. Right!? It was quite a treat! Let me know what you think if you ever see it, Hannah. :)

  3. I am super excited to read your review on The Abominable Bride! Sherlock is my favourite TV show so I had to watch this special! I saw it at a special screening in the cinema and OMG I WAS SO SCARED!!! There's probably nothing that scares me more than a Victorian ghost bride... I definitely want to watch it again so I can figure out some of the confusing bits but I don't think I'm ready to go through that again. I literally could not sleep for 2 nights. *hangs head* I'm so weak T_T

    Jenna @ Reading with Jenna

    1. Hi, Jenna! Thank you so much - I'm planning on reviewing the "Sherlock Special" next week, and I'd love for you to share any thoughts you have in regards to the special - or if you just want to share more about your experience seeing it. :)

      I totally know what you mean about watching it again because CONFUSING! I get that way with this show a lot. The level of brilliance is INSAELY good. That's probably why I've re-watched the prior seasons 3-4 times already. ;)


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