Unleashing Mr. Darcy (2016) – Contemporary, Witty Take on Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice'

You all know how much I adore the Hallmark Channel. It’s a scary TV obsession sometimes. Through the last two years, I’m afraid to say, with blogging fueling me as a legitimate excuse (I simply have to watch this one… for reviewing purposes), my addiction has grown worse.  

Saturday night marked the final “Winterfest” premiere (a series of romantic comedies Hallmark produced to help our Christmas movie hangover). With it came what I would argue could have been the best for last. It was Unleashing Mr. Darcy. Based on a novel of the same name, the movie might not be adapted to specs, but golly did I adore it. I sat down to watch it one morning (because some winter mornings require a cute romantic-comedy) with my mother and before ten minutes passed, we both agreed, Ryan’s Mr. Darcy made for an excellent leading man let along a charismatic and practically perfect contemporary Mr. Darcy. 

One thing I did neglect to mention in my review (which you can find linked below) was the clever ways the script found to add in some of Darcy’s most popular barbs/lines (think a "pair of fine eyes"). I appreciated that the writer didn’t exchange a modern setting for the beauty that is the original dialogue.  

But enough of my silly gushing. If you’d like to chat about the film, leave your comments and you can read my formal review (below) originally posted on Silver Petticoat.

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Unleashing Mr. Darcy (2016) Review

Nearly every time there is a whisper of a re-imagining for a Jane Austen story, I’m in. Recently, Hallmark decided to join the fun with their own re-tooled version of Pride and Prejudice with Unleashing Mr. Darcy. The first hint the made-for-TV movie was connected to Jane Austen was, of course, the titular and iconic name of Mr. Darcy in the title. Further reading revealed that Unleashing Mr. Darcy was indeed a contemporary spin on the beloved Pride and Prejudice. Having never seen Hallmark Channel create a classic for the 21st century, I pressed “play” on Unleashing Mr. Darcy with a serious dose of curiosity. Continue Reading on Silver Petticoat Review →

Photos: Hallmark. This review first appeared on Silver Petticoat Review


  1. LOL at your "scary TV obssesion" comment...that's how I feel sometimes too. ;) I think it would be so cute to hear some of Darcy's lines and see how they do a Hallmark P&P retelling. Your review is amazing, as always. Can't believe I missed this one!! I'm so sad. :( Will watch ASAP. Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Sometimes I do wonder about my TV addictions, Bekah. ;)

      The actor who plays Darcy is really VERY good and of course, I just love anything on Hallmark. I hope you can catch this one sometime - and more importantly that you enjoy it. :)

  2. Agh this sounds so good. Definitely adding it to the "to watch" list--which is fast adding up I'm afraid :-P And I know, I love Hallmark too. Most of the scripts might as well be remakes of each other but occasionally there is that almost-original gem...and besides, we romantics are suckers for cliches anyway ;)

    Dance A Real

    1. I love what you say about the scripts being remakes, Hannah. This is true, but as you say, we romantics are suckers for clichés, so what does it matter, right!? :) Hope you like this one; it's super cute!

  3. I need the Hallmark channel. Really. I've read this book and another by the same author. I didn't love it, but it would make a great show. I'll have to catch this one somehow.

    1. After watching about this, I almost ordered Terri's two books on Amazon but held back. (I was shopping for Christmas gifts and told myself it wasn't a shopping trip for myself. ;D) I'll have to pick them up some time because I did think this was darling.

      Hope you enjoy it if/when you see it, Tressa. :)

  4. Rissi, your Hallmark obsession is quite honestly one my favorite aspects of your blog. I adore Hallmark movies, but we don't have the channel. My in-laws do, however, and they are kind enough to DVR the movies for me that I want to see.

    Anyway, I saw a review on this one, and they mentioned recording it. I'm excited to watch it!

    1. Aw, thanks, Heather. If this blog's stats are any indication, it's what readers like too - Hallmark films consistently get the most views! So... long as you all continue to like this aspect of the blog, I'll keep sharing my rambling. :)

      Hope you enjoy this one when you have a chance to see it. It was super cute and of course, the fact that Jane Austen is even mildly attached earned this a new "favorite" title. :)

  5. I thought this was cute, but not a favorite. Which is sad, because I so wanted to love it! It really was cute, it was just moved a bit too quick for me or something? Even though most romcoms have inst-love involved, somehow this one just didn't work as smoothly for me. But the actors all did a great job with the script and "Darcy and Lizzy" WERE pretty adorable. :)

    1. Aw, bummer. I'm sorry it wasn't a favorite. But that's okay. We all have flicks like that. There are some Hallmark's I just don't 100% love but everyone else seems to adore. My mom and I both loved this one, so we're hoping it comes to DVD!

      I agree. Darcy and Lizzy WERE adorbs. I particularly liked the actor who played Darcy; he did a really good job. :)


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