Appetite for Love (2016) - Hallmark Favorite Andrew Walker Stars in Reunion Sweetheart Romance

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Unlike last weekend, this weekend before-Valentine’s-day features only one original Hallmark premiere. And given a certain “big event” that is sure to garner millions of TV viewers Sunday night, who can blame them for that? Cute as their latest is, I must say I think my favorite, Dater's Handbook is still holding onto that top ranking.

Returning to her small Southern hometown is the last thing Mina (Taylor Cole) wants to do. She is made for the hustle-bustle of the big city and Atlanta is where she thrives. As an executive at a prominent company, Mina’s latest assignment is about to be her best career move and worst enemy. Her boss has just handed her an important account involving helping a small-town diner re-brand… back in her hometown.   

Worse still, her ex-boyfriend, Clay (Andrew Walker) is now running the diner following the death of his father, who actually made the acquisition business deal with Mina’s company. Fighting her all the way, Clay refuses to comply with any of the new rules – including a new cookie-cutter menu, making Mina’s job even more confusing (and infuriating) than it already is!

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Small town shenanigans, a pesky boyfriend (not to mention, a girlfriend), Mina’s aversion for her high school nickname and best of all, a sweet romance is the stuff Appetite for Love is made of. With its familiar-faced leading man (Walker was in everything from Bridal Wave to Dashing Through the Snow) to its cute and perfectly cast leading lady, Hallmark has again struck a kind of nostalgic charm through its pursuit of providing quality romantic-comedies that really, are all a special kind of delightful.

This one has a feel of something akin to New in Town for one though I liked the shared past between the leading couple (makes for a realistic relationship and chemistry). Their back-and-forth banter is cute without taking the "battle" of he-said, she-said too far. Clay's kindhearted ways of reminding Mina of all she left turns out some great scenes (including one on a rooftop), and the ways she reciprocates all makes this one irresistible. Safe to say, Hallmark serves us yet another winning comedy that's sure to be five-stars for all of us who crave this kind of wholesome entertainment.

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