Travelling is something many of us would love to – or maybe have, experience. There’s something about the discovery of new places and experiences that pulls at us. Sometimes we don’t get to travel because of reasons that make it anything but practical or perhaps our location of choice isn’t feasible because, in a perfect world, it’d be to return to the past or visit the future.  

Whether we have been able experience travel or not, there is one safe way we can experience it day after day: through the joy of reading.  

Broke and Bookish February 2nd  

Top Ten Historical Settings You Love/ Ten Historical Settings You'd Love To See or Top Futuristic Books You Love/Ten Futuristic Societies I'd Love To Read in Books
basically this week is all about the past or the future....spin it however you choose!

I’m not sure what I’ll come up with for this topic, but the idea was fun so let’s get started!

(The list below will primarily reference the young adult market.)

#1. Dystopian

I know, you're probably reading this and thinking, "is she nuts?" 'Tis true the YA world of books has no shortage of dystopian titles. I think when I thought up this list I knew exactly what I meant by wanting more dystopian, but now I'm drawing a blank. Overall, it's mostly about wanting a different kind of dystopian; a world that a.) isn't quite as weird (for lack of a better word) as the norm and b.) NO love triangles.
#2. Fairy Tale

Again, I realize the YA market is teeming with this genre - re-tellings and the like included. What I'd like to see more of is a more traditional fairy tale. Don't get me wrong, I admire all of the novels that re-tool the genre and idea for a new generation, but craving the old-fashioned kind of fairy tale a-la Ever After or the like is sometimes the sweetest kind of fairy tale.

Tell me, what "traditional" fairytales am I missing?
#3.  Foreign Places
Perhaps I'm just missing them, but SO many novels (perhaps this one leans  more towards the adult books I read) are stuck in the SAME places. Mixing things up when it comes to locking in a novel's setting would make things so much more interesting - even if it's only a "big city" setting; books make the city a villain far to often.
#4.  Inspirational YA
Seeing more YA from the Christian/inspirational market would be amazing! With authors like Mary Weber and the writing duo of Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon leading the way, there's already an amazing (albeit far too small) presence.
#5.  Regency
Jane Austen aficionados unite! More "bonnet" drama, please!
#6.  Roaring Twenties
This probably stems from the fact that I'm going through Downton Abbey withdrawal. I'm - *sniff* - so sad that chapter of my TV obsession is over.

#7.  Time Travel (Doctor Who Style) 

Yes, I know time travel has a decent showing in YA, but we need it more like DW!  
That's a wrap on another Top Ten Tuesday.
It's now YOUR turn. What settings would you think to see more of?
Leave your thoughts and/or Top Ten Tuesday links; I wanna' visit.
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