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Saturday, March 19, 2016

The ideal memorable romance or single romantic moment is different for everyone. Universally, more of us will say there is at least one standout romantic moment in Pride and Prejudice, no matter the medium or adaptation. For me, that moment that "gets" me without fail is in the 2005 adaptation when Darcy finds Lizzie just as the sun rises. Historically accurate or not, that scene... that scene is pure beauty and romance of the purest and truest kind.

FILM REVIEW | Beastly (2010)

Today, over on Silver Petticoat, I spotlighted a film (scene) very different than Darcy's beautiful declaration and Lizzie's humbled, tender acceptance.

The film I'm talking about is Beastly. Based on the best-selling novel (of the same name) by Alex Flinn, the moment I chose to spotlight isn't a grand gesture or even romantic scripting, but for this story and this couple, the moment is telling and important.

It shows Hunter (a.k.a Kyle) open up to someone and be "real" for possibly, the first time in his life.

In return, it opens the door for Lindy to finally place her fragile trust in someone other than herself.

You can read a snippet of the article down below, and as always, there are links to the post in full.

Classic Romantic Moment: Beastly’s Hunter and Lindy
Five years later, even now I can still remember reading about Beastly when it was in early production stages. Being the fairytale addict I am (not to mention enjoying a High School Musical phase despite its debut coming when I was past the target audience), I was enthralled with the idea that one of the most iconic fairy tales was being made into a contemporary piece based on the YA novel by Alex Flinn.

The story is primarily the same though the setting shifts from a castle to high school. There’s still a beastly young hero who’s arrogant, brash and entitled, and a young heroine who melts his cynical heart. In this scenario, our beast is Kyle Kingston, a high-school senior who rules his school as his own personal kingdom; he believes the social higher archy revolves around him. The “beauty” is Lindy, a studious girl who has a crush on popular Kyle, but with a smart head on her shoulders, she doesn’t let herself fall under his spell. Continue Reading ➔


Have you seen this contemporary fairytale? Did you like it: why or why not? Comment with your thoughts below.
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  1. I've never read the book, but I love this movie! It's so sweet, and I'm such a sucker for fairy tale re-tellings. :)

    1. Me too, Tammy. This one is one of my favorite feel-good romance flicks. It's just so sweet. :)

  2. Still one of my fave movies! I need a rewatch. And I can officially say that BatB retellings are my favorite, I think. Because I love Cruel Beauty SO so much as well!

    1. And I am still in need of reading Cruel Beauty, Kara. I know, I post THE question ("What is WRONG with me!?") to myself all the time. ;)

      This is one of my swoony favorites too. So sweet. <3


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