Downton Abbey, Series Six | The Finale Recap

Monday, March 7, 2016

Last night was THE night.

Last night, after six years, fans said goodbye to beloved characters.

Last night we cried over the poignant quotes and giggled over witty quips.

Last night we had a first-class invitation to a long-awaited and much anticipated wedding.

Last night we experienced a kind of magic.

That's right, last night was the Downton Abbey series (not season, the SERIES!) finale.

Forgive the sappy sense of nostalgia, but friends, when the series end of Downton Abbey was announced, it was quite a disappointment. The rational adult I am (ordinarily) has since gotten over it, but that doesn't lessen the elegance and beauty that was, Julian Fellowes Downton Abbey swan song.

It was everything I could have wished for and more. ❤

TV SERIES REVIEW | Downton Abbey, Series Six (2015)

If you've not seen the show or perhaps you've thought about it, there is no better time then now. You can discover it for the first time while being able to binge watch it. Trust me, if you've been on the fence and like things like Upstairs Downstairs or A Place to Call Home, you should seriously consider watching this series. In the meantime, I'll be over here practicing patience for Fellowes next drama (currently untitled) set in 1800s America.

Today marked my final Silver Petticoat recap which I'm stealing (again) in an effort to post some new content over here. (Never fear, they'll be a book review AND giveaway for tomorrow, so be sure to visit again.)

Find a snippet of my photo happy recap below (with direct links to the recap in full) or if you want a more generalized review of my overall thoughts, a series six review is in the blog's review archives.

Downton Abbey Season Six: Episode 9 Recap – The Finale

Any beloved show that draws to a close is bound to close on mixed emotions. They’ll be disappointments as well as the happiness it, hopefully, elicits. No matter how hard the writers may try, they’re never going to be able to achieve universal satisfaction. This is why, sometimes, a series finale has to be watched with a grain of salt.

Last night, the end of ITV’s Downton Abbey aired. With it, we have one last recap to share. Let’s jump right in because a whole lot of stuff went down.

The (Brighter) Future
As the episode opens, it’s to a delightful image of the family enjoying an afternoon on Downton’s grounds. “Donk,” as Robert is known to his grandchildren, is enjoying the next generation as young George, Sybbie and Marigold surround him, the future of Downton Abbey. Edith makes plans to move to London on a permanent basis, and newlyweds Henry and Mary stroll arm in arm. Continue Reading ➔

Have fangirl-y thoughts or FEELS you need to share? Comment on Silver Petticoat or here with those thoughts. I'm ready to chat it up with you all.


  1. I laughed, I cried, "It moved me Bob." ;)
    Such a beautiful, fitting ending. Everyone got hopeful and happy endings. I am SO glad Mary made good and aided Edith and Bertie getting back together. And how HAPPY she is with Henry! Branson is a freaking gem. The kids are adorable. I teared up during Thomas' goodbyes which SHOCKED me...
    The wedding was lovely--the Carsons had me teary eyed too, and I love that one part w/Daisy and comedic relief of her trying to give herself a bob. (Been there, *shudder*)
    A fitting, perfect ending I think to this show. <3

    1. This finale was MORE than I could have dreamed of, Meghan. I was beyond impressed with it.

      Everything you mention and then some delighted me too. Seeing Mary and Edith patch up their differences (Mary's response to Henry was SO Mary "Never you mind..."); Mary and Henry's cute moments of flirting; Tom's POTENTIAL romance alert (yes, please!); Carson and Mrs. Hughes; DAISY! (Too cute was that!); and of course, the return of Barrow, everything was seamless and beautiful. Well done, Fellowes. Well done.

      Ditto. <3

  2. Oh, it was beautiful! I loved that everyone got a happy ending, even Thomas! :) I must admit, I teared up when he was saying his goodbyes As bad as he was, I think he had gotten pretty humbled this last season and is well on his way to being a better person. Edith is finally completely happy (with Mary's help no less - shocker! LOL). The Bates had their baby boy - yay!! Mrs. Crawley finally gets her man - by taking him by force right under the nose of his snooty son and soon to be daughter-in-law! Haha! :D Happy sigh! It was a great conclusion!

    1. It was indeed! I agree, Rachel. The fact that the writer's gifted each of the characters (and us, the audience) with a happy ending was a very happy event.

      Thomas has seemed to get better. Perhaps there is hope. (Though I didn't feel sorry for him either because of all he HAD done in the past.)

      Mary and Edith patching things up was wonderfully done as was the arrival of Baby Bates. Mrs. Crawley taking charge was so fun and perfect for her. All in all as you say, everything was *happy sigh* perfect!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)

  3. SO, so good! And so sad that's its finished. But still such a wonderful episode! I'm so HAPPY that Edith is happy! For all that I started out not liking her at all in the very beginning of this series, by this final episode of season six, I wanted so badly for her to find her happy ending. And her wedding was....and her smile of happiness....and just how her face shown...!!! Yeah, no words! :)

    Although I have to admit that it made me laugh how just about every single person was hit with cupid's arrow by the end! A little on the rosy side, but I can accept it. After all the angst those poor characters went through! But still, it made me laugh. :D

    1. This was indeed SO good, Kara. I agree. If a beloved series (for me) like Downton Abbey HAD to go, this was the way to do it.

      Edith getting her happy ending was gorgeous as was her wedding, and that moment with her father? Priceless.

      LOL. I know what you mean. I didn't feel like it was so bad though. Tom's was more of a future "possibility," but not set in stone and I personally felt the same with Daisy. Sure, she'd decided she maybe liked Andy, but did he still like her? Either way, like you, I didn't mind because it was the end and these characters all NEEDED to be happy to say nothing of the audience deserving it after all Fellowes put them and us through. :)

  4. BRAVO BRAVO! Julian Fellows and the cast are OUTSTANDING! I'll be wearing out my DVD's....

    1. Same here, Caryl! Same here... thank goodness for the DVD sets! :) :) :)


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