Q&A with Lindsey Andrews | The Art of Book Cover Design, Part 1

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hello, hello! Today, I'm (again) sharing an article from my week over on the amazing Silver Petticoat. But I couldn't help it. Why is this? Well, because it's an article on the "art of book cover design." Unlike in the past when I've merely gathered awesome book covers to spotlight here, this time I actually put in some research-y work and got in touch with some of the designer's whose work I've liked and admired.

Though I didn't necessarily intend it to be, this has turned into a bit of a series. So, today's "part 1" features the talents of Lindsey Andrews, the creative mind behind Richelle Mead's upcoming The Glittering Court and the famous cover remodels of the Anna and the French Kiss series. Lindsey was so lovely to chat with and I appreciate her going above and beyond in taking the time to answer my questions; thank you, Lindsey. It was a pleasure to host you for this fun Q&A.

Photo provided by Lindsey
Below you can find a snippet (as usual) of the article which not only features Lindsey's interview, but also some of my favorite text overlay designs since the focus of the article (from my pushing it) is the re-designs of the "Anna" series. I invite you stop by with some comments for Lindsey, and share some of your thoughts or leave comments about things YOU would like to know about the cover design process. I'd love to have some feedback as I continue working on this series and chatting with other designers.

The Art of Book Cover Design, Part 1: An Interview with Glittering Court’s Book Designer, Lindsey Andrews

In the five years I’ve been a blogger, one of the many discoveries I’ve made is this: there is an entire community of book lovers who go crazy (in a very positive way) over books and the world from which they come from. I feel quite at home in this world. This includes the amazingly talented authors who write these novels, the publishing houses who buy and market them, and of course, perhaps one of the most important things (because the presentation is everything, right?), the people behind the cover design. Continue Reading ➔


  1. This is so fun! I always wondered what it is like to do cover design. It would be so hard to design a cover with only a couple chapters!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. As do I, Missie; the behind-the-scenes of cover design has always fascinated me! Glad you enjoyed reading this - and thanks so much for commenting! :)


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