Classic Romantic Moment: When In Rome's Beth and Nick

Saturday, April 30, 2016

When In Rome

Happy Saturday, everyone. I hope you're enjoying a splendid weekend full of happiness and, perhaps a book or two. My weekend has been gloomy. Like, seriously, it's dreary outside, which makes a person not want to do anything. I've read a bit, worked on a few blog-y things and made soup for dinner because it's chilly out there. Ironic since last weekend was in the 70s and 80s. Yikes. What a difference a week makes, huh?

Anyway, I'm stopping by tonight to share my latest Silver Petticoat article which spotlights a romantic moment between Beth and Nick from the chick flick, When in Rome. If you're weather is anything like ours, you might be searching for something light, happy and cute to watch, and in my book, this is just the ticket. When in Rome is like a modern fairytale with an overabundance of fairy dust... and somehow, it works.

FILM REVIEW | When In Rome (2010)

Have you seen this charming little film that stars Veronica Mars Kristen Bell? What's your favorite thing about this one? Comment down below with your thoughts!

Classic Romantic Moment: When in Rome – Beth and Nick

THE FILM: When in Rome (2010)
THE PAIRING: Beth (Kristen Bell) and Nick (Josh Duhamel)
THE MOMENT: “The only spell I’m under… is yours.”

There’s a saying that encourages “when in Rome, do as the Romans do.” In many ways, When in Rome embraces that sentiment. In a lighthearted, fluffy kind of way, When in Rome is a charming sentimental piece of chick flick magic. Given that I recently rewatched it, I thought revisiting it for today’s spotlight seemed like a fun idea. Continue Reading ➔


  1. This is one of my family's most beloved chick-flicks! It's one both my parents get a total kick out of, and my mom's a sucker for Josh Duhamel as am I, and it is just so stinking cute, and hilarious in turn and has its poignant moments...agh. LOOOOVE it. So much!

    1. I'm in the same camp as you and your mother, Meghan. Josh is always a win in these romantic comedy roles; he has a great charm. :) Plus, I liked seeing him as a character who wasn't a playboy. :)

  2. Yes, what Meghan said - so stinking cute and hilarious and poignant too. And oh-so-romantic. Dreamy sigh :)

    1. Ditto. I'm right there with you and Meghan, Carrie. *dreamy sigh* :)

  3. I really need a rewatch after swooning over this scene again! This movie is one of my faves. And Josh Duhamel? YES PLEASE. ;)

    1. Right? I encounter this particular problem time and again when I put together articles. For example, my last list on Silver Petticoat inspired me to put together a Classic Romantic Moment from The Proposal because I "had" to watch the scene to grab a screen cap. Needless to say, it's a tough "job." ;)


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