Love by Chance (2016)

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Though the newest of Hallmark’s campaigns has been dubbed “Spring Fling,” they are very complimentary of the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday. Or at least tonight’s offering, Love By Chance, is, a story that has a strong theme of the bond between mothers and daughters.   

Think Because I Said So (minus the humor that is meant to be funny and really isn’t) if you want an idea of a plot rundown. But before moving on, let’s meet the characters. Since her daughter is busy trying to make a go of her fledgling bakery, Helen Michaels (Brenda Strong) has become something of a meddling mother. She worries that her daughter is leaving herself no time for a personal life, and certainly no time to find romance. This is why she takes an active role in her daughters personal life by creating profiles on dating websites while posing as Claire (Beau Garrett).  

Claire is something of a romantic who believes love cannot be dictated and instead, is all about chance. Despite Claire’s insistence that her mother stay out of her love life, Helen persists until, quite by chance, she meets Dr. Eric Carlton (Ben Ayres). With a little nudge, Eric agrees to fake a serendipitous meeting with Claire. With reluctance, he plays along on their first meeting until, as he begins to see more and more of Claire he falls in love with her… and his guilty conscious begins to question the lies leading to this. 

From the moment the first strains of pop star Rachel Platten’s smash hit, “Stand by You” begins to play, I knew I was going to love this fun flick. As it furthered into the story and introduced us to its cast of characters, I was all the more convinced of this. Everything about Love by Chance sparkles with sweetness despite the fact that, its script is, familiar. If you liked the idea of Because I Said So, but not its brand of humor, this is a delightful alternative. 

As is the usual standard of Hallmark, the casting is spot-on great with its easy-going and talented group. Beau is wonderful in the leading lady role, and Brenda played the overbearing mother equally well (not to mention, they actually looked as if they could be mother and daughter). Though unfamiliar (he has a string of Canadian credits to his name), Ben was also well cast; his character was an ideal gentleman who, though he knew from the start, was in the wrong, he fought to remedy whatever error he made. In short, he wasn’t going to give up which only ups the “aww…” reaction the romantics among us are sure to have.  

Repeating all I’ve said about prior Hallmark productions could be written verbatim in this review. Everything about this inspires smiles. There’s a cute subplot involving Claire and her business partner as they work to obtain a coveted review, and of course, the yummy baked goods will make those of us amateur bakers wish we could create something so fine. The messages of fighting for a love “meant to be” to a love of longevity and continued hope is charm itself. Basically, fans of romantic comedies will discover another great Saturday night flick in Love by Chance – and let me tell you, that’ll be no accident.  

Will you be watching or have you seen Love by Chance? I’d love to chat with you about this one! Comment down below with your thoughts – or let me know what upcoming Hallmark film or series you’re excited to watch.  

Love by Chance premieres tonight on Hallmark Channel, and again the following weekend in April (check your local times). Find the promotional preview down below.


Photos: Hallmark Channel


  1. I haven't seen it yet, but it definitely sounds cute! :)

    1. It's SUPER cute, Kara. As usual. :)


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