Month in Review | April 2016

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Hello, happy blogger friends - and happy Saturday. Hope your April has been wonderful. We've been another up-and-down roller coaster of temperatures - climbing as high as the eighties and today, yeah, I doubt it'll reach 50! It's cool, cloudy and unpleasant.

Another month’s close means another “month in review” here on Finding Wonderland.

…..Favorites from April 2016…..
Doctor Strange

 1. The Blog | I've been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work (reformatting and editing old reviews; changing pictures; updating archive page links, etc.) on the site here, so if there are periods of no new content, more than likely, that will play a big role in the "why." It's a big task, but one I really feel needed to be done - some of my old reviews are in desperate need of edits and I want them to be more uniform in the "format" I use now. 

Also, I mentioned this earlier this week, but thought I'd throw it out there again: I'm toying with some collaborative blog idea. What, I don't know...

2. Books | I've read some amazing books this month, and had some great conversations about them with the INSPYs girls. Cannot wait to announce the books, which will hopefully require no more than a 48 hour delay.
3. Doctor Strange | Marvel finally released a proper trailer/teaser images for this upcoming extravaganza. How excited are we!?
4. Grantchester | Got my series two (U.K.) DVD set this past week. Cannot wait to watch it.
5. Gilmore Girls | YAY! There was news about Gilmore Girls this past month. And I loved it.
6. Hallmark Channel | Learned about some new spring Hallmark movies coming, which is also a happy day indeed. One of them will be a film adaptation of Denise Hunter's The Convenient Groom.

…..Favorite Blog Posts…..
(Blog posts that, while not necessarily the most popular, were fun to write) 

1. Barley Lethal (2015) | This cute flick is the "perfect" little chick flick.
2. The Imitation Game (2014) | Brilliant movie. Enough said.

3. Like Never Before by Melissa Tagg | Loved this darling romcom as only MTagg can write it.
4. The Player, the Complete Series (2015) | Short-lived though it was, I really enjoyed this one.

5. White Hot (2016) | Loved this Hallmark mystery based on Sandra Brown's novel.
…..Monthly Popular Posts (April 2016)….. 

1.  Top Ten Tuesday | 13 Books that Inspire Smiles
5. Love by Chance (2016)

…..Popular Posts the Week of April 23rd - 30th….. 

1.  Top Ten Tuesday | 13 Books that Inspire Smiles
3. Movie Talk | Upcoming 2016 Films
4. The Huntsman: Winter's War (2016)
5. INSPYs 2016 | Judging Panels

.......Books Read.......
April 2016
(yes, I realize there is only one book listed here, but I promise I read more than that in correlation with the INSPYs program. sadly, I cannot discuss them... yet.)
Like Never Before by Melissa Tagg

 …..Around the Interwebs…..

Silver Petticoat:  Following in the footsteps of the norm, I had a fabulous month over on Silver Petticoat. Mainly this might have been because I had opportunity to review a box office flick as well as a musical, and write various other fun stuff. Below are my contributions, "sorted" by their categories.
Articles and Lists | Took a look at the Spring 2016 YA Book Preview; spotlighted Katniss and Peeta (Mockingjay, Part 2), and Beth and Nick (When In Rome) in two separate "Romantic Moment of the Week" features.
Recaps | Also been recapping the fabulous fifth season of Call the Midwife; so if you want a place to gush about Heidi Thomas' brilliant writing, join me!

TV and Film Reviews | Went and saw (and really, really liked) The Huntsman: Winter's War; revisited Deanna Durbin's Up in Central Park; also, I reviewed the obscure gem that is The von Trapp Family: A Life of Music; Good Witch's second season premiered on Hallmark this past month; Julian Fellowes' charming Doctor Thorne came to U.K. DVD, so I naturally, snatched that up; and also (finally) caved in and watched the moody BBC period drama, He Knew He Was Right. 

If you're curious to see what else I've reviewed or written about over on Silver Petticoat, you can see my archived articles on the Silver Petticoat page of this blog.

That is #FindingWonderland Blog's Month in Review.
What new discoveries or favorite finds did you discover?
 Share any of your fun finds or thoughts down below.

Always thrilled to chat with you, friends. 



  1. I'm looking forward to the Doctor Strange movie (even if they did whitewash it a bit, darn them); it looks fascinating and exciting. I'm also impressed by how much you manage to watch while still getting reading done; I can only manage a few hours a week for TV or movies. You had a great month -- here's to a wonderful May!

    1. I'm a total Marvel fangirl, but it's a "Movie fangirl" only since I've never read the comics. Still, I thought Doctor Strange looks fascinating indeed, and like a whole new territory for the MCU franchise.

      Sometimes I'm a bit TOO addicted to TV shows, Lark. ;) Right now, that's been lessened for me because my laptop (and trust iTunes account) is being worked on, so I'm a little sad (and missing) that since my laptop is where I do my primary writing. :) Happy reading - and May. Hope you have a great month. As always, thanks so much for visiting.


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