Romantic Movie Scene Feature | The Choice's Gabby and Travis

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Afternoon, friends! Today, I open a "new post" page to share another Silver Petticoat feature. Yesterday, I put together the Romantic Moment of the Week feature and chose to spotlight the fabulous coupling of Travis Shaw and Gabby Holland. Who is this couple? You can meet Travis and Gabby in Nicholas Sparks' The Choice.

FILM REVIEW | The Choice (2016)

The Choice Proposal
I've read the book and seen the film (which is new to DVD this month), and liked both for different reasons, but overall, Gabby and Travis are a Nicholas Sparks' couple I 100% love. Their relationship goes beyond happily ever after and in many ways, takes it and tests it to the brink. This is what I love about the relationship.

Choosing a moment from this film to feature was difficult, because initially I opted for a sweeter moment at the end, but choosing that would be a SPOILER-crazy romantic moment, so instead I opted for the more playful scene which is, Travis' proposal. Quirky though it is, I hope you enjoy this fun "romantic moment."

Romantic Moment of the Week: The Choice – Travis and Gabby

The Choice

THE FILM: The Choice (2016)
THE PAIRING: Travis Shaw (Benjamin Walker) and Gabby Holland (Teresa Palmer)
THE MOMENT: The Proposal

When it comes to Nicholas Sparks’ films, you’re probably in one of two camps. You either acknowledge and accept them as they are (sweet romantic chick flicks), and don’t care, or they induce eye rolls. I fall into the former clique. Of those I’ve seen and read, I have favorites among them. And no matter what, I’ll generally go see them, provided they have somewhat of a happy ending because what was Message in a Bottle all about?

Sparks’ most recent adaptation is of his novel, The Choice, which is for me, one of the best stories he’s written (of the four I’ve read). The plot follows a couple who become neighbors and their journey after happily ever after. Unfortunately, their meeting comes at a most inconvenient time (Gabby’s pre-engaged and attending school), but somehow the attraction between them won’t be denied. With tears, struggles and new dreams, they manage to find their way to each other, but their story isn’t full of the happiness potential viewers might expect. Continue Reading ➔

The Choice

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