Mr. Selfridge, Series Four (2015)

Friday, June 17, 2016

Mr Selfride and Lady Mae

As we move into the weekend, today I was over on Silver Petticoat adding to their fabulous review archives of period dramas. The particular drama I featured had opportunity to feature was the fourth season of Mr. Selfridge.

Magnificent though it is visually, this was one series I was sure I'd not mourn the loss of. But a funny thing happened as my mother and I watched it. As I watched the final installment, I'll fess up: I had tears in my eyes. What!? I know, that's crazy, but 'tis true. The ending was so bitter sweetly beautiful that it simply couldn't be helped. Fortunately (and wisely), the writer's focused most of their efforts on the characters as they wound through to the final season (ten episodes worth), which I respected greatly.

TV SHOW REVIEW | Mr. Selfridge, Series Three (2014)

Mr Selfridge Dolly Sister

Below I share a snippet of the review and of course, ask you the same questions: did you watch Mr. Selfridge's fourth and final season? What were your opinions on this season? Sound off below with good, bad or in-between thoughts! I'd be glad to read your opinions and chat with you about them all.

Mr. Selfridge, Series Four – A Fond Farewell

Just when you thought the drama in the Selfridge family and Selfridge department store couldn’t possibly be any greater, season four happens. The twists, turns and new drama within the ornate walls of Selfridge’s astound, delight and bring many tears to our eyes. As with many other of their programs, ITV has created yet another masterpiece. The swan song of Mr. Selfridge is as colorful, frustrating (explanation to follow) and beautiful as ever.

Nine years have passed since last we saw the Selfridge family. In those years, many things have happened. Harry Selfridge (Jeremy Piven) is now, much to his amusement, at the height of his wealth and popularity, but with that comes new territory. Harry is back to his reckless ways which are further exasperated by the unexpected death of the only woman who made him see reason, his mother. With enemies rising up to destroy him, including newspaper baron, Lord Wynnstay (Robert Pugh), it’s only a matter of time before Harry’s foolishness catches up to him. Continue Reading ➔

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