The Convenient Groom (2016) - Adaptation of Denise Hunter's Romantic Novel

Saturday, June 18, 2016

It’s no secret that I’m a sap for cute Hallmark Channel movies. I become all the more invested in them when I learn they are inspired by the fiction written by one of my (most) favorite inspirational authors, Denise Hunter. Such is the case with tonight’s Hallmark Channel premiere of The Convenient Groom; a snappy little romance that’s akin to a bright ray of sunshine.

Convenient Groom

Dr. Kate Lawrence (Vanessa Marcil) has a theory. If, on a first date (which happens to be at a coffee house), a man orders anything fancier than a plain black coffee, the woman should “just say no.” In fact this has become Kate’s platform phrase. As a popular blogger and psychiatrist, Kate is an expert on love. She’s even snagged herself the perfect guy and is about to go public with their engagement when Bryan dumps Kate. With cameras and a crowd awaiting her, Kate prepares to tell the truth with her childhood friend, Lucas Wright (David Sutcliffe) sweeps in and pretends to be her fiancé. 

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Complications arise as the pair navigates on-camera romantics for Kate’s blog, deal with Lucas’ family all while sorting through their faux engagement and the feelings it inspires in themselves. 

As with every Hallmark Channel movie, this story is absolutely adorable. Much to my shame (and I call myself a fan!), I’ve not read this novel by Denise, but have heard it’s one of her first-class best. Still, even at that, I do know about the novel, and the writers took liberties with this story. Here’s a quick book vs. script rundown. Book: Kate’s fiancé dumps her on their wedding day. Script: Brian breaks up with Kate at their public engagement party. Book: Lucas marries Kate. Script: Lucas plays Kate’s fiancé for the benefit of her career. Likely there are other inconsistencies as well, but those two are the most obvious to pull out.  

Convenient Groom
The timelines also moved at too great a pace early on (in my opinion), but once Lucas and Kate settle into their ruse, things slow to an easier and more natural pacing allowing the characters to "breath." With those minor notations aside, let’s talk about the good. Everything about this telefilm is charming. But what I loved most was the cast. First I must address the obvious which is RORY GILMORE’s father, David Sutcliffe co-stars in this! How cool is that? Yes, Christopher (whom I detest with much joyful glee, I should add), from Gilmore Girls earns leading man status in this. Happily he erased all such reservations with this fabulous role as Mr. Wright. I absolutely adored Vanessa and David’s witty banter. They seemed to play off each other really well which serve the story wonderfully.

This is the only film I’ve seen in Hallmark current “June Weddings” campaign. As good as it is, I’m sad I didn’t see more if this is the style some of the others have taken. The story is as romantic as it is endearing. Seeing Lucas’ family play a role was a nice addition as was the little idiosyncrasies like Kate eating fruit that isn't ripe. Bottom line, you simply need to watch this one. Especially true if you are looking for a romance that crackles with a wholesome kind of chemistry that is a lost art.  

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  1. SO excited (and even moreso after your review) for this movie tonight. And also glad I'm not the only excited fan who hasn't yet made it to the *book* on that intimidating To Be Read list. ;)

    1. You are most definitely not the only one in need of reading this one, girl. I sure hope you enjoyed(?) this darling little romcom! Let me know what you thought. (And here's to making progress on those intimidating TBRs!)

  2. You're totally not alone in NOT having read this one, yet, as Meghan & I can attest! Though I did snag it last week when the ebook went on sale.

    What a lovely review! You have me even more excited to watch it! It's set to record, so I'm thinking Mom & I will enjoy it later this week. And as for the other June Weddings features, I've only seen a couple. Ms. Matched was cute but a little contrived and not quite believable, I thought. Wedding Bells was very good -- mostly due to the casting and setting. Plus, the food element, which I typically enjoy. I hope you enjoy them if/when you get to see them, Rissi!

    1. I have a copy, girls, and still I've NOT read it. What is wrong with me!? *sigh* Anyway, here's hoping we all get it read asap. :)

      Thanks so much for reading, Courtney. I'm glad you stopped by. I've not seen any of the other June Weddings films but was most curious about Ms. Matched because I really enjoyed Alexa on Dancing with the Stars. Ah, well. Hopefully it and Wedding Bells will arrive to DVD, and I'll snag copies then. :) Let me know what you think of 'Groom' if/when you and your mom get the chance to see it. (Mine really enjoyed this one too - we both giggled over the cute romantics throughout.)

  3. Loved the movie ... but I still liked the book better :-) The Convenient Groom is still my favorite of Denise's books, so I didn't really expect the movie to surpass its greatness, but the film is delightful in its own right. I thought David and Vanessa were perfectly cast.

    If you have a chance to watch any of the other June Weddings movies, you should definitely check out Stop the Wedding--it was so fun! It's also based on a book, but in this case, the movie is WAY better than the book!

    1. I suspect I might enjoy the book better too, Becky. That said, the movie IS darling and charming, and so darn cute. I certainly enjoyed it tremendously. I've heard someone else say The Convenient Groom is their favorite novel by Denise also. Obviously this film adaptation had BIG shoes to fill. :)

      I really liked David and Vanessa together. They had great chemistry that's for sure! :)

      Thanks for the June Wedding recommendation. I'll have to hope Stop the Wedding comes to DVD! It sounds like a fun one. :)

  4. AnonymousJune 20, 2016

    Like you, I've heard quite a few things about the book, but have yet to read it. Regardless, that did not hinder my enjoyment of this delightful little flick one bit. I also couldn't agree more with this review, which was a fun read; you summed everything up so beautifully!!

    Lucas really is such a wonderful hero, and it was definitely great seeing David play a character I wanted to root for for a change. His chemistry and banter with Vanessa was infectious, on-point, and just plain fun; I loved every scene they had together, but especially the ones when they're living in the same house, and when she asks him to go for coffee. Lucas' family were also enjoyable additions, as were Kate's rather interesting quirks.

    All in all, a worthy adaptation that I would watch again!

    God Bless
    Eleanor Rose

    1. Here's hoping we both read the novel asap, Eleanor. I've heard it's Denise's best so that sounds very promising. :)

      David's character in Gilmore Girls was not my kind of guy, so seeing him in this was great fun! I totally cheered for him to win over Kate (although logic told me he'd succeed no matter their differences) and agree. The banter between these two actors was indeed on point.

      Kate's character quirks were priceless. (Especially eating fruit that wasn't yet ripened. So funny.)

      Glad you enjoyed this one too! Hopefully it'll release to DVD, and we can both enjoy it time and again. :)

  5. I remember trying the book several years ago and couldn't seem to get into it. I was looking forward to the movie anyway though! I liked it. I didn't love it, but it was definitely pretty adorable. It made me smile, what more can I ask for? :)

    1. Bummer! I think this is the one by Denise I hear most readers loved most. But sometimes a book just doesn't suit and that's okay. I understand what you're saying and have encountered many stories much the same. This probably isn't my favorite Hallmark either, but I did really enjoy it and as you say, it makes us smile! That's good enough for me too. :)


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