Month in Review | August 2016

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hello, blogging world and friends. Wow. We’ve now ended (or are hours away from doing so) the final month of summer. How did that happen I wonder? Summer has been good this year although now my family is busy (more than I’d like let me tell you) with an overabundance of garden produce which means lots of harvesting, fresh produce baking (I cannot tell you how many muffins I’ve made – good thing I’m becoming more adapt at healthier alternatives), eating (stir-fry for the win) and canning 

With yet another month’s close, another “month in review” is ready.

Let’s take a look.  

…..Favorites from August 2016….. 

1. Blogging 101 | We continued with some fun Blogging 101 posts including fabulous contributions from Miranda and Meghan. Go forth and read them (you know you want to). *smile* You can find a handy "landing" page located in the site's menu (above) or you can search the 'Blogging 101' tag.  

2. Bookshelf | So, I have a bookshelf story (IG photo proof), but well, like Twitter, it's too long to share here. Since I need to put a new shelf up, reorganize books and the like, I'm curious: would you guys like to "spend the day" with me as I reorganize my bookshelf? If I got organized enough to put this together, I'd hope to post it next month.

Photo: NBC

3. Fall TV | To say I'm excited about some of the upcoming fall premieres is an understatement. Which TV shows are you most anticipating? I have a list likely as long as ten shows which for me, is not necessary. *Says the girl recounting in her mind how many shows she is a. currently watching and b. still needs to finish*

What will you be watching?

4. Finding Wonderland | We had lots of fun giveaways* here this month and that will continue into September (mostly because I didn't get all of my planned giveaways in). These will include YA lit and a copy of Denise Hunter's new novel.
*Giveaway Winners: All of the giveaways have had random winners chosen, and each of the winners have claimed their prizes. Thanks to everyone who entered!
5. Olympics | Well, the summer Olympics came and went for another four years, and they were sure fun. Especially week one with all that swimming which is what I really follow closest. Well, that and gymnastics. And beach volleyball. I proudly support the US athletes all the way, no matter how good their competitors may be.
What was your favorite sport, Olympian or win?

6. Starbucks | Finally got to Starbucks again after far too long NOT going. My drink of choice? A caramel waffle cone Frappuccino. Yes, I am a simple girl which is why Starbucks makes a “favorite” list.  

…..Favorite Blog Posts…..
(Blog posts that, while not necessarily the most popular, were fun to write)
1. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) – Human and Alien Square Off

…..Monthly Popular Posts (August 2016)….. 

4. Barely Lethal (2015) - super fun chick flick if you've not seen this one!

…..Popular Posts the Week of August 24th - August 31st….. 

…..Books Read | August 2016…..       

…..Around the Interwebs…..  

Silver Petticoat:  As usual, another fun month was had over on Silver Petticoat. This month was probably my slowest with them and for the site period as the editors gave the site a bit of a makeover. The getting-there involved a hiatus, so we all had a mini break. But we are now back and (hopefully) better than ever. Swing by and let us know what you think.
Let’s take a quick look at what I’ve reviewed or contributed.  

Articles and Lists | To kick the month off, I took a look at what we learned from the Gilmore Girls teaser trailer. Not much granted, but the strategy is brilliant. Or evil. The other two articles I had a chance to contribute were two romantic moments: one a classic romantic moment with The Proposal's Andrew and Margaret. The second is the more current romance with Abby and Trace in Hallmark's Chesapeake Shores.

Film and TV Reviews | The Indie drama Dear Eleanor was the only film I reviewed this month.

TV Recaps | None this month! We'll see what the fall TV season brings. What would you most list to see recapped? 

That’s an end to the month here at #FindingWonderlandBlog. What was your bookish, blogging or life like this past month? Did you discover any new (and amazing) authors or reads? How about new bloggers? Or must-try new finds? Comment down below with your thoughts! As always, I’d love to chat with you.   
Thank you for visiting Finding Wonderland. 


  1. Fall TV!! YES!

    I am so excited for several new shows and the return of a few others. This Is Us, Timeless, Speechless. And I am actually watching the pilot of Chesapeake Shores as I type this!

    My monthly wrap-up (but it's only book stuff):

    1. Right!? I totally get WAY too "obsessed" with each new fall TV season. It's a problem really. YAY! Hope you enjoyed Chesapeake Shores (one of my favorites already).

      Thanks for visiting (and for the blog follow), Dawn - and sharing your wrap-up. Bookish stuff is the best. :)

    2. I blew through the first three episodes of Chesapeake Shores! It reminds me a lot of Brothers & Sisters and I loved and miss that show... :)

    3. I've not seen Brothers and Sisters (though I am familiar with it), but am glad it's sort of a nostalgic experience for you. That's always fun. :)

  2. Thanks for another fantastic month of blog posts; I can't tell you how many of my favourite authors, shows and films I might have missed out on if it wasn't for your recommendations :) The Blogging 101 series in particular was fantastic, and I can't wait to check out Chesapeake Shores.

    As for the new TV season, I am in the exact same boat as you; I still have WAY too many shows I need to finish, and I'm already excitedly planning on starting 5-6 more! The ones I'm most looking forward to are absolutely Conviction, Timeless, This Is Us (Jess as a responsible, loving family man with facial hair, AND married to Mandy Moore; what else could you ask for?!), and Speechless.

    Some of my August was spent exploring a few of the films aired on the PixL network, though unfortunately so far I've only seen one which has really impressed me, and that's Late Bloomer (I don't know if you've heard of it, but it's completely darling!) I've also started to watch the third season of The Musketeers for the second time; is there any chance we might be able to read your thoughts on it in the form of a review post anytime soon?

    God Bless
    Eleanor Rose

    1. Aw, thank you, Eleanor. I'm glad I've been able to introduce you to some new authors or shows or the like (so long as it's all been good... or I hope so *smile*).

      Chesapeake Shores is delightful. Hope you enjoy!

      All excellent shows you spotlight in your comment. And though I've been iffy about This is Us, you make a great selling point: Jess as the total opposite of, well, JESS? Yeah, that we must see. :)

      Hayley's new show might be the one I'm MOST excited about. :)

      Aw, bummer. I'm sorry you aren't loving the PixL films. My mom and I have been binging those this past month and have enjoyed all that we've seen so far. Of course, some I liked more than others and Late Bloomer is definitely the best of the bunch (that I've seen). Such a sweet and worthwhile premise.

      The Musketeers, yes! I'll defiantly write a post/review about that. Just a question of when I get to the watching and writing of it... :)

      Thanks, as always, for your lovely comment, Eleanor. Always enjoy chatting with you.

    2. It's most definitely all been good (for the most part); you've opened my eyes a bit more to all the wonderful contemporary fiction out there anyway :)

      Although Conviction does come a very close second, Timeless would have to be at the top of the list for me; I'm such a sucker for anything involving time-travel :)

      I think the thing with the PixL films is just that I've had the bar set so high thanks to certain Hallmark movies that the acting and scripts of some of PixL's offerings have come off as woefully inadequate. However, I did watch another of their's recently that was delightful, Change of Heart (SO MANY actors I recognized, and FOUR romances!)

      I'll absolutely be looking forward to reading your thoughts on this last season of The Musketeers, whenever they come out :) I think you'll enjoy it; I certainly did!

      God Bless
      Eleanor Rose

    3. How fun! Discovering new fiction is THE best. :)

      I *really* want to like Timeless, but I'm not sure it will live up to my anticipation. Perhaps I'm clouded by my so-so (overall) feelings of Legends of Tomorrow. Time travel, in theory, sounds awesome, but perhaps my one favorite there will remain Doctor Who.

      I hear you. I've definitely liked some of PixL's MUCH better than others. For example Late Bloomer was darling whereas Hopeless Romantic didn't match it. Though it is cute.

      Change of Heart is one I haven't seen, so that'll be one of the next ones I watch. :)

      YAY! You've no idea how excited I am to watch The Musketeers, and I appreciate you asking. I need to be a bit more prompt with newer stuff. But for now, it comes around when it comes around. :)

      As always, glad to have you visit, Eleanor. Thanks!


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