Told You Twice by Kristen Heitzmann - Emotionally Investing and Raw

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

About the Book:
Publisher: bHd Books (Indie)
Source: Author Provided (via Rel's Author Services)
Publication Date: 2016
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Series: Told You, Book 2
Genre: Fiction; Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 

Stars are finally aligning for Alexis Murphy. She has an adoring fiancé, Jeffrey, and with him, she’s planning a fairytale wedding with Grace Evangeline. All is made sweeter since Grace is married to Exi’s cousin, Devin, the guy who still affectionately calls her by the childhood nickname. Her otherwise ideal life hits a snag when Exi meets Bo Corrigan, the one man Devin distrusts most.

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Bo is walking, breathing trouble. Grace sees more to him, but when he expresses interest in Exi, all Devin can see is an infuriating charmer out to break hearts. Bo is struggling internally with his lifestyle. He isn’t sure what he wants and questions everything: including his sketchy past and his infatuation with Exi. All of which could cost Bo a great deal more that he is willing to give.   

As with everything I’ve read by Heitzmann, this second Indie novel from her is another emotional roller-coaster. Like its companion novel, this digs beneath the surface of contemporary romance to look underneath all the uncomplicated happy moments most consist of. Primarily this might be because of the characters and their well-developed characteristics and strong personalities. As someone who grew up with the inspirational fiction that was of the proper variety – both as an emotional outlet and in terms of the procedures of the era (think historical prairie fiction), reading “edgy” fiction is something new. This is the reason why reading this novel is such a gratifying experience that, for those of us willing to look past the tragedy, is beautifully rewarding. are everything that's right with this world. Don't let anyone dim your light. No one knows who you are inside so don't let them define you. - Kristen Heitzmann
For many, the characters will be, and should be, the greatest incentive of this novel. They’re so well-written, explored and examined, there isn’t anything left wanting. Everyone is genuine and fighting to come out the other end of a “hopeless,” traumatic or unhealthy experience. Exi is seeking something she didn’t (really) know she was searching for. Bo, though aware of what people think of him, is, as Grace wisely knows, (in part) hiding beneath a façade. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t thoroughly disappointed in Bo over something he does that winds up being a key turning point in the plot. That said, I understand the reason for this and appreciate that it makes the journey, story and experience all the more satisfying. Fans of Told You So will relish in experiencing Grace and Devin in a healthy place as they are more than secondary afterthoughts. (A reason why you should read Told You So first.)

If you’re looking for something that will shake up the safety net of your usual reading, Told You Twice is it. If you’re hungering for a romance that, while about the attraction, digs beneath surface appearances, Told You Twice will not disappoint. It’s raw, powerful and unapologetic for its intentions. The story has a solid message that becomes its goal to tell, and in the end, it does this without fear.  

Content: There are minor innuendoes or sexual references (all “behind the door” classy than graphic) in this novel on the same level as its predecessor. A (light) PG13 rating would likely be affixed to this if it were under the film rating system. 

Synopsis: Alexis Murphy is done messing with the wrong kinds of men. She could not be happier planning a personalized Grace Evangeline wedding with her fiancé, Jeffrey, who is so…right for her. Or is he?

Stage star and spokesmodel, Bo Corrigan, could be the ultimate disruption. Alexis—Exi—is caught by his talent and sexual magnetism. Yet under the glow, she senses trouble, not only danger from Bo’s past mistakes, but something inside tearing him apart.

From the moment Bo sees Exi, he knows she’s special, but not only that—she’s real. Unlike the theater scene he’s been immersed in, she sees the man he is and won’t stop until she’s reached inside and brought that person from despair to life … if only they have time. With violent forces against them, can they get beyond the damage to love that heals and restores? – Goodreads

Sincere thanks to the author and Rel for providing a complimentary copy of this book for reviewing purposes. 

Review text is © Copyright 2011-2016 Rissi JC and first appeared on Finding Wonderland (Dreaming Under the Same Moon),


  1. Great review!!! I'm excited to read it this weekend!

    1. Yay! Hope you enjoy, Heidi. It's a keeper. :)

  2. Looking forward to reading this. 'Edgy' Christian fiction is relatively new for me, too, but it gives this conservative, uncomplicated, life-long Christian a much-needed perspective on the journeys of some of my brothers and sisters in Christ.

    1. It's beautiful albeit "messy." But in many ways it's that which makes this such a compelling read. :) Hope you enjoy - and thanks so much for your insightful comment.


  3. Ahhh! What an awesome review -- especially your past paragraph. This book really does shake up the "safety net", as you said, and takes you on a rollercoaster! :)

    1. That it does, Courtney. I'm so happy to see Kristen release these kinds of books. With Indie publishing, it seems like she has more freedom and yet she never oversteps, which makes the journey all the more rewarding. :)

    2. So true! She's careful to not detract from her message of grace even with such a platform. And I appreciate that!

      (And I meant to say last not past!) :)

    3. As do I, Courtney. It takes a skilled and talented author to do this, and Kristen is one of them. :) I applaud her.


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