Chesapeake Shores, Season One, Episode 3 – ‘We’re Not Losing a Son...’ Recap

Sunday, September 4, 2016

After falling head over heels for the O’Brien family (exhibit a, exhibit b) during Hallmark Channel’s pilot episode, and finally catching up (my mother and I indulged in this yesterday), I felt prepared to post a write up about tonight’s all-new episode. 

Be aware, there are some spoilers below.  

During this episode we experience (if possible) more turmoil in the family. In the city, Connor (Andrew Francis) manages to make his mother (Barbara Niven) cry as she attempts to heal the rift between them. This comes shortly after she learns that her eldest son, Kevin (Brendan Penny) has decided not to re-up once his current deployment is complete.
Back in the slower pace of Chesapeake Shores, Abby (Meghan Ory) is still trying to settle into her life, and figure out how to deal with her ex-husband, and ex-sweetheart, Trace (Jesse Metcalfe).  

(Speaking of Trace, read on below for a bit of “dish” regarding the twist his story has taken.)

As usual, plenty of interesting moments, scenes and heart-to-hearts take place within the space of this new hour (forty-some minutes if you cut the commercials). The family relationships grow stronger while somehow continuing to be as fragile as a string. In one instance, I can “feel” the connection between this family. In the next, they’re arguing with the best of the best and hurling insults. (Despite this, I do love the cast; they work so well together.) While I respect these scripts, I do hope this isn’t an occurrence in every episode because that’s part of this network's charm: the ability to step away from the fray and be unique.  

With that said, let’s take a look at a few of the important points of this episode: 

+ Kevin’s story takes a dramatic turn.
+ Abby returns her girls to Chesapeake Shores (after their visit with their father from last time), but is still struggling with the uncertain future. She wonders how to tell her girls they’re moving to her hometown, and finding balance with her new job. Her first day adjusting to the slower pace (read: less aggressive tactics are required) sets her back. But it’s nice to see her take time with her girls like seeing them snuggle in bed or Abby letting go and jumping on the trampoline.
+ Jess is working towards opening her B&B, but before she can officially open, her first (unexpected) guest arrives.
+ The guest is a singer-songwriter from Nashville. Yeah, you can guess what her connection to the Shore is.
+ We learn a little more about Trace’s past and more importantly see him turn Abby down after she issues an invitation to lunch. Consider my - #TeamTracy, #TeamAbcy #Team… IS THERE A FAN NAME FOR THIS COUPLE!? – fangirl heart a little bruised.  

Have you seen the latest episode? If so, comment down below with your speculation, thoughts, opinions, or dreams about what might come next down below. I’d love to read them.  

Photos: Hallmark Channel


  1. This was a great episode! I am all for #TeamTrabby or whatever it is... I actually like the new girl from Nashville but not for Trace. Connor needs a good kick in the pants, though.

    1. YES, me too, Dawn. #TeamTrabby or whatever it's coining itself works for me - I haven't heard a name, but I like it. :)

      I didn't mind Lee either, but I'm reserving judgement. I think she's supposed to be in three episodes so we'll see...

      ...Connor, yes! What IS that dude's problem!? :D


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