A Hallmark Channel Preview | Previewing Hallmark Channel’s Fall Harvest Original Premieres

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hallmark Channel never ceases to amaze me. With the arrival of each new season, they usher in a group of all-new originals. Having completed their summer campaign (and launched a new TV series, Chesapeake Shores), the network is looking towards their Christmas programming. But before they do, it is time for Hallmark Channel’s Fall Harvest TV premieres that are sure to enchant.

Hallmark Channel’s Fall Harvest Preview

1. LOVE ON A LIMB | Premiered October 1st

Ashley Williams (who is – fun fact, Kimberley Williams-Paisley’s sister, star of Father of the Bride) stars in this first title. It’s about a woman who takes on the task of preserving a tree that has become a town landmark. Marilu Henner also stars. READ THE ARTICLE IN FULL on SILVER PETTICOAT →

2. AUTUMN IN THE VINEYARD | Premieres October 8th

3. PUMPKIN PIE WARS | Premieres October 15th

4. GOOD WITCH: SECRETS OF GREY HOUSE | Premieres October 22nd


Are you going to tune in to check these out!?? Let me know down below which ones YOUR looking forward to.

Photos: Hallmark Channel / Crown Media

This article first appeared on Silver Petticoat Review.


  1. These all sound like fun movies to watch. I don't watch the Hallmark channel but I've seen a few of their films in the past and they're cozy with happy endings which is just what you want sometimes!
    Pumpkin Pie Wars sounds the most like a Disney Movie... which means it's probably the one I'd be most likely to watch!

    1. I watch them whenever I can, Kate. I'm a bit of a sappy romantic in this way. ;)

      Happy endings are the best!

      Fun! I agree and think 'Pie Wars' sounds really cute. Hope you enjoy!

  2. Oh my, thank you so much for sharing these!! I've always liked Hallmark movies, but recently I've been on a binge with my sisters and grandma. (We cleared out like 20 movies I've recorded the past year 😳) Now I know, Autumn in the Vineyard and Pumpkin Pie Wars are the two we'll definitely be watching! Thanks again, Rissi. :)

    1. Fun! Hope you ladies enjoy them. My mom and I like to binge watch Hallmarks too. They're always a fun time of happy-go-lucky comedy, which is often just what my Saturday night's call for (yeah, I know, I'm boring ;D).

      Hope you ladies enjoy Autumn in the Vineyard and Pumpkin Pie Wars. I suspect BOTH will be cuuute! As is Hallmark's standard. :)


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