The Irresistible Blueberry Farm (2016) – A Romantic Cozy Mystery

Sunday, October 2, 2016

The latest Hallmark Movie Channel mystery is indeed a basket full of charm, and of course, a generous helping of blueberries. We are introduced to Ellen Branford (Alison Sweeny), a successful lawyer living in Manhattan. But her world is upended when she’s again pulled into a series of clues left by her grandmother. 

As Ellen travels to the small coastal town of Beacon Maine – a place she didn’t know her grandmother had ties to, she sets out to deliver a letter; a letter that not only holds a secret, but also connects her to Roy (Marc Blucas), a charming local.

Each time I review or fangirl over a Hallmark original, I feel like I come off as a broken record. But in this instance, it's never a bother, and I hope you don’t mind the repetitiveness either. All this to say, I’m going to repeat precisely the same as this review proceeds, which is another delightful film. The basic premise of this is akin to others that have come before it. The concept of big-city girl finding so much in a small town, and being charmed (in more ways than one) by that small town, isn’t a new one. Still this script places a spin on it by eliminating any first-hand ties Ellen might have to the town.

Resisting this one is probably going to be impossible. It's the type of movie you can sit back and smile your way through. The cute town where it all takes place is cozy and the characters sparkle with wholesome personality. In particular, I found the sassier romance between Ellen and Roy adorable! It’s still up to the standard of Hallmark, but not without its unique markers and swoon-y moments. The meet-cute in particular is “aww…” inducing as was the cute “dance” scene. Although part of the charm of the relationship might be linked to my fondness for Blucas in this leading man role.

The only aspect that didn't work for as a plot incentive was Ellen's conversations with her grandmother (played by Shirley Jones). There is significance to them because of the relationship Ellen had with her (which is simply "understood"), but there was something about them that always took me out of the story for these few seconds. If you like Hallmark films, this one is sure to be the perfect one to watch. If your Sunday night is anything like mine (cool and dreary), The Irresistible Blueberry Farm is the ideal tonic. 

Only be warned, it’s sure to give you a craving for a warm blueberry muffin.

The Irresistible Blueberry Farm premieres tonight, October 2nd, on Hallmark Movie Channel. 

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  1. I just happened to catch this last night, and it was adorable! (I totally agree about the conversations with the grandmother, though. I could have done without that aspect.) Sometimes, I feel like Hallmark doesn't really worry about whether the leads have chemistry, but that was certainly not a problem in this film--they had chemistry in spades! I enjoyed it more than I've enjoyed a Hallmark film in a long time.

    1. Wasn't it!? I thought it was one of the best on this channel.

      ...I'd agree with you about the leads and chemistry. They have a main objective (to be wholesome entertainment), which they surpass no matter what the story is, and I admire them for that. Fortunately, we had great chemistry in this one, so that made it all the more fun. :)

      (Yeah, those conversations came off a little "awkward" to me, but I did understand the importance of them to Ellen.)

  2. Aw, I love adorable Hallmarks. Will have to check this one out! :)

    1. Me too, Bekah. They never cease to make us smile, right!? :)

  3. This sounds adorable! And Courtney told me that it's based on a book I found a couple months ago, so now I'm further intrigued. :)

  4. Neat! I don't think I realized this one is based on a book. Or if I did I'll completely forgotten. Either way, I hope you enjoy this and the book. :)


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