The Julius House: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery – Charming and Cozy Mystery

Sunday, October 16, 2016

A return to the Aurora Teagarden franchise is on TV tonight, and with it arrives a new mystery for our intrepid sleuth cannot resist finding a puzzle inside. We catch up with Aurora (Candace Cameron Bure) as she searches for a home to buy. Still hanging onto the inheritance she was given by a former friend, Aurora knows what she wants, but everything her mother (Marilu Henner) has shown her simply isn’t right. Until she sees the Julius House, a place that comes with a mystery attached. The family that once lived there disappeared four years ago without a trace.

Being the mystery buff she is, Aurora sets to uncovering clues, and discovering the things detectives missed. All of this she does while relying on her best friend (and reporter), Sally and her almost-official-boyfriend, Martin (Yannick Bisson).  

As is the hallmark of this series, ‘The Julius House’ is another wonderful addition to this cozy mystery series. Based on a series of books by Charlaine Harris, the librarian character of Aurora Teagarden is one you're sure to find endearing, as if she could step straight off the page to become our best friend. Here is a brief rundown of some things that happen in this installment.

+ Things go down between Aida and her beau, John. What I won’t say. You must watch and find out.
+ Speaking of Mrs. Teagarden, Aurora vexes her mother like nobody’s business.
+ The dynamics of Aurora and Martin’s relationship is off the charts adorbs.
+ Aurora again solves a cold case. (Revealing this is no spoiler, because when doesn’t this girl figure out the mystery!?)

In short, anyone who loves Hallmark mystery brand will not wish to miss this. The mystery is fun to piece together (I totally figured it out!) along with Aurora and since I’d not seen the film proceeding it, this was my introduction to Martin. Being a fan of actor Yannick Bisson (hello, Detective Murdoch), it was a joy to see him star in a contemporary piece. Suffice to say, I hope his Martin sticks around as the whole 25-dates-before-he’s-officially-her-boyfriend bit is, as I’ve already said, delightful. Also a highlight is Aurora’s cute wardrobe. I love her style and the fun accessories she pairs with everything.

Those of you who like Candace Cameron Bure won’t want to miss this. Those of you who love the Canadian drama, Murdoch Mysteries shouldn’t miss this. Those of you who prefer old-fashioned entertainment won’t be disappointed. If that’s your cup of tea, this may have a modern setting, but there’s nothing that prevents this from nostalgic charm.

Don’t miss ‘The Julius House’ tonight, October 16th, only on Hallmark Movie Channel. 


  1. Great review. It sounds good. :)

    1. It IS indeed good - and thanks SO much for reading. :)

  2. My Mother is most curious, after just watching this movie, where it was filmed? She is particularly interested in the waterfall with bridge and church area. Do you happen to know? I found your review while searching for some information on the location.
    Thank you.
    BTW Great review!

    1. Hello - and thanks for dropping by. :) Unfortunately, no, I don't know where it was filmed. Generally Hallmark films are filmed in Canada, but beyond that, I can't say any specifics. Hope you enjoyed 'The Julius House.' :)

  3. I have love Yannick since his Sue Thomas, FBEye days! This one sounds fun. :)

    1. I've not seen those, Kara, but am watching him in 'Murdoch' and there's a Christmas movie he co-stars in too. I'm hoping his character sticks around in this series because up until now, they've given Candace's Aurora a new beau in each film. But naturally, I *really* like Yannick's character. :)


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