The Crown (2016) – A Netflix Romantic, Historical Drama about Queen Elizabeth

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

When first I saw a teaser for Netflix's The Crown, a drama that crept up on me as I didn't know of its existence until its first teaser trailer aired, I was intrigued. It wasn't until time passed, and more information, photos and I read more about the cast that I become completely immersed in the idea of this as a period drama. 

I've never been one who followed the royal family (unless seeing multiple adaptations of Queen Victoria and Albert's story counts), however the fact that this was inspired by a reigning queen's early days, plus I'd seen a drama about her father (who had the crown forced on him in many ways) and this starred Matt Smith (Doctor Who!) meant that all the ducks were in a row. It was a given, I'd  be watching this. 

I had the chance to review this with Silver Petticoat, so read onward to find a tiny review snippet (plus full review link!). Or in the meantime, simply enjoy the pretty pictures!

Netflix is making a prominent niche in the world of television and miniseries. Their most recent original, The Crown, takes a stab at period drama with a biographical drama about Queen Elizabeth II.  Continue Reading on Silver Petticoat Review

Stream The Crown exclusively on Netflix.

Content Note: There are 2-3 uses of the f-word (over ten episodes), 1-2 coarse words in a sexual context, and a handful of sexual gestures or innuendos (i.e., a woman draws a man’s hand between her legs). A woman engages in an extra-marital affair. There are two instances of male backside nudity. The show is rated TVMA.

Did you see The Crown? I'd love to get your take on this biographical drama. Let me know what you thought. 

Photos: Netflix

This review first appeared on Silver Petticoat Review.


  1. I have not seen this, but it sounds very good. Thanks for the review Rissi. :)

    1. It IS very good! Especially if you like period drama. I binge-watched this one, and hope there is more to come. :) Let me know what you think if you see it. :)

  2. Loved it. Looking forward to a second binge watch one of these days.

    (There's also two instances, one rather lengthy, of backside nudity.)

    1. *waves* Charity, HI! How are ya? Hope you're well. :)

      I LOVED this one too! In fact, like you, I'm already ready for a secondary binge. Especially since I was pressed for time to get this review set. :) Glad to hear you did too! You've reviewed it, right!? I'll have to read your review to get more of your thoughts.

      (Thanks for catching that! Not sure why I forgot to mention that content issue. See, this is what I get for NOT giving myself more time. ;D)

  3. Great review! I haven't seen it yet, but I already heard some good things and after reading your review I'm definitely intrigued. It's on the list for the next time I feel like bingewatching Netflix :)

    1. It's fabulous, Lindsey! Or I thought so. :) Hope if you have a chance to see this one, you enjoy. I thought it was particularly good because I'm such a costume drama fanatic. Let me know what you think if you do - and yay for a good Netflix binge. :)


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