Though next to impossible to believe, we have arrived at Thanksgiving. With the holiday season upon us, reasons to be grateful and thankful flood our minds. Or it does me.

Broke and Bookish November 22nd

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tell us what you are thankful for! Books you are thankful for!
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I have many such reasons to be Thankful for. Reasons that should remind me to be grateful every single day. Not the least of which is my family, a home and this country. I could, and will, also mention you, the people in this blogging community, without whom I wouldn’t still be blogging. So allow me to take this moment to say thank you for caring about Finding Wonderland. Of course, I’d be remiss if I also didn’t mention, books! Today our topic is open-ended, but sticking with bookish things seemed easiest, something I will never bemoan the opportunity to talk about.

I decided to list ten authors whose talented pen and subsequent stories make me grateful. Without authors, this world wouldn’t exist. Without their keen insight and pain-staking patience to craft these stories, we wouldn’t be swept into exotic or familiar worlds. Their talents are what these fictional world propel from. It's because of their stories, this book blogging community has as voice.

In no way is this list a complete picture of the authors who I’m grateful to have discovered. Here are some of the authors I’m thankful for.

1. Joanne Bischof | Joanne is the kind of author whose skill with a pen astounds every time. Her latest novel, The Lady and the Lionheart (a kind of Beauty and the Beast retelling) is told in the kind of prose I wish I could write with. #IndieBooksBeSeen 

2. Kristy Cambron | Kristy’s latest novel, The Ringmaster’s Wife was one of the most beautiful books of 2016, so adding her rich writing style to this list wasn’t a difficult placement.

3. Elizabeth Camden | Elizabeth’s books were probably the first that taught me the joy of historical fiction, and in every way helped me rediscover it. Up until then, much to my puzzlement, I had been in a kind of sabbatical from its brand of old fashioned charm.

4. Katie Ganshert | Katie’s novels are stunning. In particular, I was thinking of her most recent novels A Broken Kind of Beautiful and TheArt of Losing Yourself. Both step out in faith to tell “messy” stories with some of the most beautiful themes.

5. Jenny B. Jones | The talent of this author is among the best of the best. Her latest novel I’ll Be Yours found the right balance of humor and emotional depth, which showed us yet another layer of her writing.

BOOK REVIEW | I'll Be Yours by Jenny B. Jones - A Five-Star Stunner for the Keeper Shelf

6. Ronie Kendig | Ronie write’s military fiction that, to me, shines a light on the importance of our military and the sacrifices they make. Plus, it’s darn good storytelling to boot.

7. Hillary Manton Lodge | These are the perfect reads to be thankful for not just for the talents of Hillary’s pen, but also because the series focus is on family (and plenty of good food).

8. Emery Lord | Emery’s book The Start of Me and You is, without question, one of my favorite YA contemporary reads. The bookish references are a book nerds dream and the characters are still memorable. Needless to say, I’m anticipating reading more from Emery.

9. Stephanie Perkins | Like Emery, I discovered a gem in Stephanie Perkins Anna and the French Kiss.

10. Katherine Reay | Katherine’s novels are top shelf quality. Each of her novels are better and better. The character depth is astonishing. Five star recommendation.

11. Sarah Sundin | WWII novels come no greater than Sarah Sundin. She has a wonderful voice and each of her characters sparkle and all seem to come alive off the page.

12. Melissa Tagg | No one writes witty romcom better than Melissa Tagg. Her Gilmore Girls-esque humor combinedg with the classic black and white movies is unmistakable. #IndieBooksBeSeen (Also, have I mentioned her talent at adorable - and spark fueled - meet cutes?!)

BOOK REVIEW | Keep Holding On by Melissa Tagg - Wit, Wisdom and Winsome Charm


Though woefully incomplete, these are a few of the authors who I am thankful write stories for the world for us to experience, enjoy and be entertained by.

How did you spin your list this week? What authors are you thankful for? Comment down below with your bookish thoughts, and all that jazz. I’d love to visit your lists too.

Wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving, friends.

Thank you for visiting Finding Wonderland.