Dear Readers | Saying Goodbye to the Old and Partying Like its 2017!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Dear Readers,

It seems impossible that in a matter of hours, we say goodbye to another year.

I'm flabbergasted that 2016 is at its end. Yes, I realize I am now well past being a broken record. (What is the catch phrase for this?) It's been a year that, while challenging (when shouldn't we be challenged?) hasn't been unkind.

Personally | Though I can speak for no one but myself, 2016 was actually a really good year. Were there unexpected ? Yes. As is the case with everyone, there were - and still are, challenges in my life. But rather than let them be "for the worse," I think, in many respects, I learned things that changed me. Hopefully all leaning towards a better, more mature season of growth.

Blogging | 2016 has been incredibly nice to my blogger life. This is all due to you, readers and friends. Allow me to take this moment to say, a million thanks for this. It's because of you I can continue blogging. Finding Wonderland has never been a smash success, nor is that something as a blogger I "need," but it has enjoyed a growth spurt this year, and if I don't express this enough or say it enough, I'm always and forever grateful for that.

To those of you who may be a new reader, welcome! If you have blogs, please feel free to introduce yourself and your blog. I'd love to come by and visit.

To those of you who are long time readers, thanks for the support, and for sticking around.

To those of you #BookBesties (you know who you are!), thanks for being a source of encouragement, being a friend, and for all the fangirl fun.

...and finally to those bloggers who are no longer a part of blogging, thanks for being among the people who gave this little space a start, and who so kindly welcomed me into this community.

2017 | In this next year, I hope to continue on all of these paths. I hope to chase more opportunities, discover new creative ways of presenting material, and most of all, continue to learn.

As 2017 knocks on our doorstep, I wish this and more for all of you. I hope this year is all that you are looking for and then some.

Now, grab those party hats (or if you're like me, it's more like your favorite movie and a cozy night in), and prepare to ring in the new year. It's almost here, and there's a little bit of magic in the air as it prepares to descend on us, and maybe, just maybe, take us on an adventure.♥

Happy New Year

- Rissi


  1. Aww.. Such a sweet post Rissi! Happy New Year to you <3 Your blog is among the best I've discovered this year :) I'm going to welcome 2017 with a book and a cupcake in hand :P I hope 2017 is absolutely amazing for you!! :)

    1. A book and cupcake!? That sounds like an AWESOME way to welcome 2017! (Wish I had made cupcakes.)

      Thank you SO much for being a reader here. You're most welcome anytime, and I say the same about your bookish haven. Loved that it was one I discovered this year. :)

      Happy 2017 - may it be full of happiness for you and your blog. :)

  2. I love this. Here's to hoping that 2017 is another year in which we learn and love. Happy New Year, friend! :)

    1. Indeed, Bekah! I love that we can always learn - hopefully the start of a new year is the perfect time to continue learning. :) Happy 2017! May it be filled with good things and much happiness for you and Will Bake for Books. :)

  3. I'm glad 2016 was such a good year for you, Rissi! I hope 2017 is even better. P.S. I love the photo you used for this post; so fun!

    1. For you as well, Miranda; I hope 2017 is a fabulous year! Here's to lots more blogging... or I hope so. :)

      Isn't it!? I found it on some website for "stock photos" and thought, "yep, that's the photo!" :)


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