Finding Father Christmas (2016) – Erin Krakow Stars in Drama about Home and Family

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Mixing into their lineup of original scripts, Hallmark adapted a handful of books during their popular Countdown to Christmas campaign. Among them is Robin Jones Gunn’s Finding Father Christmas. Combining the first book with Engaging Father Christmas, the result is this Hallmark film that premiered on Hallmark’s Movies and Mysteries channel.

The story is about Miranda Chester (Erin Krakow), a successful businesswoman living in Seattle (where she works as an interior designer). Miranda begins to wonder about her father when she finds clues about her mother’s past. Among her mother’s old things, she discovers a photo of a boy on Santa’s knee with the name of a photo studio on the back. This inspires her to further investigate the secrets of her mother’s past.

The clue takes her to a small Vermont town where she sets about following the trail of clues. With the help of the inn owner’s son, Ian (Niall Matter), the answers she uncovers cause Miranda to second-guess everything.

As with each Hallmark film, the bevy of familiar faces that appear in ‘Father Christmas’ is many. From Niall Matter (Stop the Wedding) to Wendie Malick (After All These Years), you’re sure to spy a favorite. But there is none more familiar than its leading lady, Erin Krakow. Erin is recognizable from Hallmark Channel’s scripted series When Calls the Heartand a handful of their movie originals. Like her co-star, Daniel Lissing (who starred in another Christmas movie), it was great fun to see Erin outside of Hope Valley’s petticoats and wagon trails.

Common to Hallmark productions is a sense of charm and happy personality. But on the flip side, most productions also packs an emotional punch that’s hard to ignore. Finding Father Christmas deals with some cumbersome (positively so) issues that surprise in the best way. Not the least of which is the driving story inspiration behind Miranda’s pursuit to learn the truth regarding her father.

The script reminds us of the importance of family and forgiveness. In the former, value is emphasized, and a cohesive and healthy emotion structures the latter. Though a relationship between Miranda and Ian does form, it’s really a story of Miranda discovering more than just a flourishing romance. It’s about a woman discovering what self-worth means. It’s about family and the impact others (even the memory of them) have on our lives.

In conclusion, ‘Father Christmas’ is a lovely drama to enjoy while snuggled inside during these winter months.

Catch repeat airings of Finding Father Christmas during December on Hallmark Movie Channel.

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  1. Yay!! You completely did this absolutely magical film justice with a spot-on review I really enjoyed reading. I agree that there is definitely an underlying theme and feeling to this flick that is about something much bigger than just a mere romance, but that at the same time elevates the scenes between Miranda and Ian to something more. I really adored the fact that she trusted him and told him the truth relatively early on, that he and the whole town readily embraced her so wholeheartedly, and the sense of belonging and resolution that permeated that sigh-worthy ending.

    If I were forced to pick my favourite scene, I would have to name the one at the end between Miranda and Margaret (both of them just pulled off the emotional weight and resonance of that cleansing conversation so beautifully), and when Ian is almost in tears asking Miranda to stay. Their off-the-charts chemistry was just so natural, believable, and apparent from their first scene together.

    I felt Miranda's loneliness and longing for family and roots keenly, making the pay-off something to relish, especially that promise of getting to cultivate a relationship with her brother, proving what a sensational actress Erin Krakow really is, and making me think I should maybe start watching When Calls the Heart already!

    God Bless
    Eleanor Rose

    P.S: Have you had a chance to watch A Dream of Christmas yet? It was right at the top of my most anticipated this season, and lived up to my expectations in every way!

    1. Whenever the writer's go the least cliche root in a romance, I'm all for it, Eleanor. I love that this romance was riddled with them, because it makes the story all the more special. Also, the fact that this one looks beyond more than the romance makes Finding Father Christmas one of my new favorites.

      Aw, I loved that scene between Ian and Miranda. So much honest truth hangs between them.

      Like you, I really appreciated the scenes between Miranda and Margaret. Definitely an interesting relationship there, and though we're left at the start of it, there's a hopeful feeling Miranda is going to be warmly welcomed into her father's family. :)

      Ooo! Let me know if/when you see WCTH! I'd be curious to know what you think. She's also in other Hallmark's (Christmas and non-Christmas).

      I haven't seen A Dream of Christmas! Perhaps I'll get it watched this week or next. Thanks for the recommendation. I'm always for those. :)

      PS: apologies for the reply delay.

  2. What?! Are you serious?? This is based on a Robin Jones Gunn book?! I saw this movie and loved it!! I can’t believe I didn’t know it was from a favorite childhood author.

    Great review, as always, Rissi. I love reading these!

    1. It is indeed, Bekah! In fact, I think this is kind of a combination of two of her novels. :) So glad you enjoyed this one - and it's from a favorite author. Makes it all the more fun, right! Thank you, as always, for being a reader.

  3. We watch all the Hallmark Christmas movies at our house and really enjoyed this one. Just a heads up, we found two more we really loved on Lifetime called A Gift Wrapped Christmas and Heaven Sent. The last one is new and although we just watched it this week we are going to watch it again. It's going on our list of favorites! It's been playing again on Monday night. The other one is available on Amazon and is also a favorite.

    1. We're big Hallmark buffs at my house too, Brittaney. I'm always glad to discover new ones, so thanks so much for the recommendations. Now you mention it, I think I own a copy of A Gift Wrapped Christmas in my iTunes account and if so, I'll have to make time for that one this week. :)


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