A December Bride (2016) - Denise Hunter's Romantic Novella Adapted by Hallmark

Friday, December 2, 2016

If there was only one thing the Hallmark Channel excels at, it would be the production of originals that burst with joyfulness. (Fortunately, they have many other qualities as well.) Their streak for this record remains intact with their Christmas movie A December Bride. 

The story introduces us to Layla O’Reilly (Jessica Lowndes), a hardworking young professional. Working under the demands of a perfectionist boss, Layla now feels ready to make strides towards owning her own business. A business that would allow her to use her talent as an interior decorator to stage apartments and houses real estate agents are trying to sell. But first, she has to find a client willing to take a chance on her. However, her life takes a detour when her fiancé, Jack leaves her for her cousin Jessica. Continue Reading on Silver Petticoat →

You can purchase a copy of A December Bride on Amazon Video (affiliate link).

Photos: Hallmark Channel. This review first appeared on Silver Petticoat Review.


  1. Lovely review! I agree, this one was sweet. I haven't read the novella, though I'm sure it's fabulous (we are talking about Denise Hunter here, ;) ). There were a few moments that felt a little "uncomfortable", perhaps because of my opinion of Layla's response to Seth (she was a little too closed-off in some scenes). BUT, overall, I enjoyed it!

    One of my favorite characters was Beckett! I think they cast him well. Makes me want to see them adapt "Barefoot Summer", too!

    1. The novella is fabulous! Of course, Madison plays a role (minor though it is) in A December Bride which means it probably came after 'Summer.' Either way, I sure hope more of Denise's books are adapted. I'd LOVE to see them take on Barefoot Summer. Perhaps in June's line up!? :)

      I agree. Overall I loved this one too. Such a sweet and charming film. One I'll definitely add this one to my collection if/when it comes to DVD.

    2. YES. I would love it if they'd adapt Barefoot Summer!!! That would be awesome. I really liked Beckett as well. :)

    3. Dear Hallmark,

      Please make this happen.

      Hallmark Fangirls

  2. I loved this movie! SO adorable and sweet. My favorite bits were seeing Seth so head over heels for Layla. Loved watched Daniel look at Jessica with heart eyes! ;) The only downside is I knew they'd change it up, but I was really, really hoping they'd keep the first kiss scene just as it was in the book. Because that scene?? Ah my heart! *melts*

    1. *swoon* Me too. I really liked how Seth's character translated to screen. I think Daniel did a fantastic job with the character.

      *whispers* Clearly I need to go back and re-read the first kiss scene because I'm drawing a blank. *runs and hides* ;)


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