Hearts of Christmas (2016) – Emotional with a Heartwarming Romance

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Though I didn’t have the chance to see it closer to its premiere date, one of the Christmas movies I did want to see was Hearts of Christmas. Partially because it looked good, and partially because its lead male was an actor whose work I’m familiar with.

Jenny Miller (Emilie Ullerup) loves her work. Despite being a nurse in the NCIU – a unit that’s bound to experience hardships, the tight-knit bonds she has with her co-workers and the families she helps inspires her every day. Not the least of which is her supervisor (Sharon Lawrence), whose work has touched hundreds of lives, and her roommate, Lauren (Crystal Lowe). But things change when the hospital hires a new CFO in the form of a numbers guy, Matt Crawford (Kristoffer Polaha).

Hired to help cut hospital costs, Matt’s approach to the task at hand is something akin to Scrooge’s. Still, an undeniable and unexpected friendship blossoms between the two, one that might leave their hearts on the line.

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Once again, I’m left impressed by another TV Christmas film. A feeling I'm perpetually experiencing this season. In fact I don’t think there is one new Christmas film I did not like this year. I’ve not seen them all, but those I have surprised and charmed me in consistent fashion like no other year has.

The greatest change that jumps out as being innovative is the scripts. They’ve been crazy entertaining and crackling with lead who have good chemistry. They preserve their sense of nostalgic familiarity, but are dripping with fabulous wit. Each review I write this year for these films makes me sound like a broken record, but I assure you, what I say is all true.

Beyond this, Hearts of Christmas is another emotional and heartwarming tale. Premiering on Hallmark’s “Movies and Mysteries” branch, I didn’t really feel as if this fit the same pattern as its predecessors. Or when compared to those that aired prior to this one (like Finding Father Christmas, or 2015’s The Note), it was lacking that same sense of puzzling over how the pieces best fit together. 

Nonetheless, this film is wonderful. The construction of Jenny and Matt’s relationship is genuine as are the people in their lives. I liked Jenny’s relationship with her parents and her co-worker/roommate who is played by Signed, Sealed, Delivered alum Crystal Lowe. I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention Matt’s sister, who is not only another wonderful character, but will be recognizable to those who love Hallmark from The Nine Lives of Christmas.

If you’re anything like my mother (she'd probably say this was her favorite of 2016) and I, you’re sure to fall in love with the heartbeat of this story. It’s funny, poignant and perfectly wonderful to enjoy as we head into this final week of Christmas festivities.♥ 

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