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Monday, December 5, 2016

Good morning, friends. As 2016's end rapidly approaches, the start of something new begins in one bookish part of my life. That's right, the INSPYs program is gearing up to begin its 7th (what??) year. 
As 2017's award season approaches, our program is undergoing some changes. We realize it has undergone many over the past couple of years, and thank you all for being such an important part of this program and its successes. We're striving to ensure this program is able to honor as many authors and books as it can, but we also have to have to put restraints on the program so that we can spotlight these wonderful works of fiction. 

We have an announcement coming up that will be all about our nominating process, but until then, we have a goodbye to say and a warm welcome to extend. 
Today we say goodbye to our good friend, Stacy Millican. Stacy has been with INSPYs for a number of years now, and the Advisory Board is sad to see her go. We sincerely thank her for her years of support, valuable assistance and help, and we wish her all the best with the new endeavors in her future.
This left a vacant spot on our board that we are thrilled to say now belongs to Kara Boone. We're thrilled to welcome Kara's insight and the enthusiasm she brings. I've personally known Kara (in this blogging world) for a few years now, and bias though it may be, I have to confess to being excited to work with her, and discover the fresh perspective I know she'll bring to our INSPYs work. Below you can read our official welcome and announcement regarding these changes. 
2017 begins the seventh year for the INSPYs Awards. Seven years ago, this journey began with a group of talented bloggers who led the way for so many of us in this blogging community.
As we roll towards December, the 2017 awards are entering a new season. This means changes accompany the start of a new year. One of these changes is bittersweet.
It’s with a sense of regret and gratefulness we adjust to saying goodbye to one of our veteran board members. The Advisory Board loses a champion in Stacy Millican. We graciously thank Stacy for her years of service and enthusiastic insight, and most of all, for sharing these talents with us. We wish her all the best as she focuses on personal commitments and pursues other projects.
On the heels of this goodbye, we are pleased to welcome new board member, Kara Boone. Kara has been a tireless champion of authors, fiction and book blogging since 2012. Her blog, Flowers of Quiet Happiness, is a testament to her vibrant personality and love of this community. We welcome Kara with excitement, and look forward to the perspective and valuable wisdom she will bring to the Advisory Board.
You can read more about Kara on our Advisory Board page. Please join us in welcoming her.
We will also be making nomination changes. An official announcement will be made in the coming weeks.
Find more about our INSPYs program on Finding Wonderland's INSPYs page or visit


  1. WHOA! Way to go, Kara!!!

    1. We're SO excited to have Kara on board. :)

    2. Thanks, Hamlette! I'm kind of excited myself. :)

    3. We hope you are, girl. *smile* :)


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