The psychological thriller genre isn’t one I gravitate towards. But now and again I make an exception. When I chanced upon this latest production from the BBC, without knowing anything about The Living and the Dead, I decided to watch the 6-part miniseries and give it a chance.

The series opener introduces us to Nathan Appleby (Colin Morgan), a man whose return to his ancestral farm incites darkness. Shortly after his return to the country home he grew up in, his mother dies which creates a choice for Nathan. Stay or return to a successful psychologist practice he operates in London. Soon, his wife Charlotte (Charlotte Spencer) arrives. With no disagreement from Charlotte, the loving couple decides to make a home for themselves in this valley.

TV SHOW REVIEW | Dickesian (2015)

Given that I went into this “blind,” I didn’t have any expectations of what this series would be about or its quality. Of course, the fact that BBC is emblazoned on the cover means the value, sets, and “look” of the production are sure to be gorgeous. Everything they set out to do, they do beautifully. But the story isn’t always so fortunate. Continue Reading on Silver Petticoat →

Content note: One scene shows a nude man swimming (from the back and side). There are about 2-4 sex scenes. Several scenes involve spirits, and another depicts dozens of people strung up in trees. A woman runs into the “v” of a tree, hanging herself; a girl is taken over by demon spirits and later suspended in the air by an invisible rope.

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