Merry Matrimony (2015) – Hallmark’s Second Chance Christmas Romance

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Familiar in a cozy way, this romantic, and festive, comedy is another Hallmark Channel movie sure to enchant ardent fans.

Brie Traverston (Jessica Lowndes) is sure her boyfriend, whom she’s madly in love with, is about to propose. Instead the big news Eddie (Christopher Russell) has for his college girlfriend is much different. He has been chosen to study photography in Paris for a year. Though they try, distance interferes, and the pair doesn’t defy the strain of long distance.

Seven years later, Brie is a successful Ad Exec who is edging close to a promotion. The only thing she needs to do to secure it is put together a brilliant bridal campaign. The snag in her otherwise simple plan is Eddie. Returning from Paris as a favor to a magazine maven, you see it turns out Eddie is the photographer for the style shoot Brie is in charge of.

As with each of the Hallmark films I sit down to share about, I feel like I’m starting as a broken record. Don’t misunderstand, I love them all but because of this unchecked enthusiasm, the same thoughts can be applied to each of these movies. One of 2015’s originals, I only recently watched Merry Matrimony and through this discovery, I was charmed all over again by this network’s programming.

Though the plot is familiar (boy and girl reunite), there is something I liked about the aesthetic of Merry Matrimony. Perhaps it’s the chemistry between the leads or the simple way of the script, but either way, this is one of those festive flicks sure to please Christmas movie enthusiasts. Or more specifically those of us who are Hallmark Channel aficionados.

The familiarity of familiar faces makes the story and characters akin to old friends. You’ll recognize Jessica Lowndes from A December Bride (part of this year’s lineup) and Christopher Russell has appeared in several similar television films. (Including Hallmark’s gender swap Cinderella, Moonlight Masquerade.) Together, these two played off each other quite well. I liked the banter between them in their “easy” moments.

Chocked full of Christmas cheer, as always, those of us who crave cozy Christmas romance fluff (the highest of compliments) will enjoy this addition to Hallmark’s rotating trove.


  1. This is one I haven't seen yet myself and I've been curious about it. I'm so glad to know you enjoyed! I'll have to see about finding a copy somewhere...

    1. It's really cute, Kara. But then as you said in another comment, it IS Hallmark, so there is that. :) Nevertheless, I did enjoy its charms, and hope you like it too if you have a chance to see this one.


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