Month in Review | December 2016

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Here we are, waiting out the final hours of 2016. As I sit here writing this, I’m in awe of the rapidity of this past year, but also extremely grateful for the kind of year it’s been. I trust it’s been a memorable year for you as well, and hope you’ve had a joyful and wonderful holiday season.

Another month’s end is all about a “month in review” post here on Finding Wonderland. Let’s take a look at the happenings. Such as they are.

»Favorites from December 2016 «
all about the simple joys

1. Bookstagram Challenge | Tressa and I again hosted another #WishfulWonder Bookstagram challenge. We shared about it prior to Christmas and also just this past week.

If you want to know more details or see the challenges, please visit our introduction post.

2. Booktube | The fun continues over on Finding Wonderland’s booktube channel. This past month I posted a about all the Christmas stuff including Christmas books and films, in addition to more Top Ten Tuesday fun and today, it was all about that Decemberbook haul. (Come by to have a look.)

3. Christmas | Quiet, simple and somehow, ordinary was my day. But at the end of the day, that’s precisely what I like best about a day spent at home with those who know me best.

4. Hallmark | Still watched a ton of Christmas flicks, and loved My Christmas Love, and Operation Christmas this past month. Is it weird that I'm already excited for Hallmark's Winterfest  movies?

5. INSPYs 2017 | Nominations for the 2017 INSPYs Awards have opened!

6. La La Land | Saw this in theaters, and have thoughts. A review will, at some point, show up.

7. Thank you | Yesterday I wrote a thing. It was just a little note written with great appreciation for all of you. I want to thank you all so much for the Finding Wonderland support, comments and friendship these past five years. I’ve enjoyed it all so much and appreciate that, by your enthusiasm Finding Wonderland is still in existence. I’m grateful you’re still interested.

 »Favorite Blog Posts«
 (Blog posts that, while not necessarily the most popular, were fun to write)

» Monthly Popular Posts | December 2016 «

1. My Christmas Love (2016) – A Festive Romance Inspired by Lyrics | Not at all surprised this one was so popular this month. I adored this Hallmark film. 

2. Top Ten Tuesday | The Best of the Best at the Cinema and Small Screen | This was such fun to put together. Glad it earned some readers. 

3.Top Ten Tuesday | 14 Anticipated Reads of 2017 (aka, a *Few* of the Books That Already Own Bookshelf Real Estate) | These books aren't ALL of the 2017 reads I'm looking forward to, but they do already own shelf space so there is that. 

4. Top Ten Tuesday | Memorable Stories of 2016 (New-to-Me Authors) | Who else loves discovering new authors every year?

5. Top Ten Tuesday | Here Comes Santa Clause (aka Give Me All the Books *Grabby Hands*) | Because who doesn't love making their list for Santa? 

»Popular Posts the Week of December 24 - 31 «

»Books Read | December 2016 «


»Around the Interwebs«

Silver Petticoat:  Here’s a recap look at what I contributed to the amazing webzine, Silver Petticoat.

Articles and Lists | My only article this past month was a Romantic Moment feature, but oh, what a good show it spotlights! The feature was on Annie and Johnny from ITV's Jericho

Film and TV Reviews | I reviewed Hallmark films, some new period dramas, and the pilot for SyFy's latest. Here's what I talked about; saw and really enjoyed the Christmas special, A Very Merry Murdoch Christmas; the pilot of Incorporated was enough to intrigue me; also I reviewed the Hallmark originals, A December Bride and Finding Father Christmas. Finally I also reviewed The Living and the Dead, BBC's mystery series starring Colin Morgan (Merlin).

I also reviewed the book Within the Veil, which is a sweeping and so romantic historical. 

TV Recaps | Nothing there (but next month we begin recapping Victoria!). 

As always, thanks to the editors of Silver Petticoat and my fellow contributors! Working with you all is always fun.
That’s an end to the month here at #FindingWonderlandBlog. What was your bookish, blogging or life like this past month? Did you discover any new (and amazing) authors or reads? How about new bloggers? Or must-try new finds? Comment down below with your thoughts! As always, I’d love to chat with you.

Wishing you all a magical, and confetti filled New Year!

Thank you for visiting Finding Wonderland. 

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