Despite my general outrage that a new year is upon us – where did 2016 go!? – a source a comfort with a new year’s arrival is the publication of new books. At least this is how we book nerds think when it comes to new novels. This week’s Top Ten Tuesday allows us to talk about some of these novels with the authors we read who were new to us.

Broke and Bookish December 6th Prompt 
Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read For The First Time In 2016
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I discovered some fantastic authors this year. Some of them were authors I wanted to read a long time ago, others are authors with less of a back list to their name. That said, they are no less wonderful and the talent they boast is not to be taken for granted.

Today, it’s a pleasure to spotlight some of these authors

1. Johnnie Alexander | I finally read one of Johnnie’s novels after being curious about her WWII novel (which I’ve still not read). The book I read by her was Where She Belongs, a sweet contemporary read.

2. Brodi Ashton | Until her contemporary novel, Diplomatic Immunity released, I don’t think I paid much attention to Ashton’s stories. But after reading her recently released (and first!) YA contemporary, I am sufficiently curious.

3. Teri Brown | Teri’s Velvet Undercover was a YA historical that piqued my interest back when its cover was revealed. Needless to say reading her novel was a long time coming, but it was indeed worth the wait.

4. Susan Dennard | Susan is an author who’s novels never cease to create much hype. Though I’m interested in her ‘Strange and Deadly’ series, it was actually Truthwitch that I read this past year.

5. Kersten Gier | Gier’s time traveling fantasy series, beginning with Ruby Red, is one of the most popular series in its genre. I really enjoyed the first novel, but as of yet, have not completed the series.

6. Rosamund Hodge | Given all the hype I’d seen about this author, I was really excited to have an opportunity to review her novel, Bright Smoke, Cold Fire. Sadly, it was not among my favorite. Perhaps because it was a loose take on Romeo and Juliet (not a favored story). Or maybe it was the unexpectedly open-ended conclusion. Either way, this wasn’t a “me book.”

7. Kara Isaac, and Close to You and Can’t Help Falling | Both of Kara’s books are high on my must read list. In fact, I’m quite ashamed that I’ve not read them yet.

8. Liz Johnson | Liz’s novels are pure delight. I loved everything about them. From the setting (PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND!) to the lovable (and more importantly, realistic) characters, I 100% enjoy her novels and writing.

9. Denise Grover Swank | Thanks so the kind folks at Blink, I had the chance to read this contemporary YA novel. It’s a sweet story about a brother and sister who are set to spend the summer with their father in Paris.

10. Courtney Walsh | Though I had every intention of reading Courtney’s novel Paper Hearts, I didn’t have the chance to get to it during its release year. This year (with many thanks to the gracious author), I had the chance to read A Change of Heart and I loved it to pieces.

BONUS! Books/Authors Added to my Shelf but Left Unread

1. Jay Asher and What Light | Many authors say good things about Asher’s books, and his novel, 13 Reasons Why is being produced as a TV show. This book I picked up – I’ll confess – because of its appealing cover art, plus I love to try and squeeze in a Christmas read during the most wonderful time of year.

2. Leigh Bardugo and Six of Crows | Following the release of Crooked Kingdom, I saw Leigh’s books made the Instagram and Twitter rounds. Needless to say I caved to the unintentional bullying, and bought a copy.

3. Jessica Brody and A Week of Mondays | I’d intended to pick this one up last year – because pink! Contemporary! – and didn’t get to it. But I finally ordered a super inexpensive copy (and hardback too!). Hopeful it’s a fun read.

4. Brooke St. James and Loved Bayou | Picked this one up at random during one of my Amazon shopping sprees. Hopefully I’ll enjoy it, though I really know nothing about this author’s style.

5. Katie McGarry and Nowhere but Here | Another author I’m super surprised I’ve not read. Her books are contemporary (can you tell that’s my favorite!?), so reading them is a must. Plus it helps that I now own, Nowhere But Here. What’s your favorite Katie McGarry book?

6. Jojo Moyes and Me Before You | Picked this one up because of the movie, but I've yet to read the book or see the film. Someday that will be remedied. 

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This brings us to another close on another Top Ten Tuesday post. What new authors did you discover in 2016? I’d love to know about them and hear more of what you thought of your new discoveries!

As always, leave those Top Ten Tuesday links. I’m looking forward to visiting.

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