Jason Bourne (2016) – Exciting and Exhilarating, Bourne is Back!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

It’s been a drought for action fans with the exclusion of our favorite assassin turned rouge agent, Jason Bourne. When Matt Damon’s return to the iconic role of Jason Bourne was announced, there was excitement, disappointment and probably some opinions that fell somewhere in-between. Mine was, obviously, the former.

It’s been years since the CIA had a sighting of Jason Bourne (Damon). Without a name, country or family, Jason is a ghost. He's been restlessly moving from one place to other, never finding peace. Then a face from his past reenters his life. Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles) is working with a dark web hacker with plans to release all of the Treadstone files. But first she has to get information about Jason’s past to him.

Their reunion sparks the interest of the CIA and danger is again their normal. Particularly invested in the case is CIA Cyber Crimes head, Heather Lee (Alicia Vikandar). Underneath the establishment of Director Robert Dewey (Tommy Lee Jones), Heather determines to be the one to bring in Bourne. But before she can accomplish anything, she has to set about gaining his trust, which might set into motion events she never fathomed.

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The hashtag of summer blockbusters was all about “Jason Bourne” or some variation of “Bourne is Back.” This was the buzz surrounding the film that has been nearly ten years in the making. Whether fans walked away feeling as if the wait was worth it or not, one thing that cannot be argued is that Jason Bourne did indeed return.

As an overarching story, I think the script overreaches. It tries “too hard” to jump back into this world, and as a result, feels like it repeats a little too much of itself. It’s really in the “smaller” happenings that this film shines. Going into greater detail seems an impossibility because I don’t want to spoil anything. Let’s see if I can explain the meaning of this thought with some clarification.

Jason has always been a pro at whatever he’s doing. We learned as the series progressed that was once as a soldier, later as an assassin, and eventually as the thorn in the CIA’s side. He hasn’t lost this edge, and so it’s really in the clever intricacies of what he does that the film works best. So much of the larger story is about Bourne’s past, which I feel, as a viewer, we’ve learned “enough” about.

That said, if any series can get away with a trip or two, it’s this one. I appreciate it like no other actioner series. Perhaps this is because, this was probably one of the first series (of this genre) I ever got “into” or perhaps it’s the character. Whatever the reason, I have a soft spot for this franchise. This film hasn’t lowered my esteem in the least.

The characters remain complex, interesting beings. There is regret about one character early on before we become interested in solving the enigma that is newbie, Heather Lee. I cannot say more about her character without spoiling the story, but suffice to say, she’s one you’re sure to question more than once: I’m still left wondering, what her real motivations are!

Though I’d be first in line to see Damon return as the titular character, I do think the end is about as good as it is likely to get for him. Ideally, I’d want to see him happy as he was with Marie (from The Bourne Supremacy) but given the writer’s wanting to go for “grittier” or realism, I don’t see them giving this to us. The action sequences are all any blockbuster fanatic could ask for (albeit one does go a little too exaggerated) and the action keeps the story moving at a rapid pace. As the film concludes, and the familiar theme plays, we have a sneaking suspicion Jason Bourne is not yet done with the CIA, and whether they like it or not, he’s always got an ace waiting to best them.

Content: There are countless instances of cars being smashed and demolished. Men engage in hand-to-hand combat (sometimes with brutal results); victims suffer stab or gunshot wounds, sometimes with fatal results. Commonplace profanity peppers the 2-hour film. The film is rated PG13.


  1. Ohh interesting!!! Thanks for reviewing - I wondered about the movie!

    1. My pleasure, Kara. Hope you enjoy if/when you see this one! Have you seen the prior films in the series? :)

  2. I was on the excited side at the idea of another Bourne, but I think this film completely wasted any potential his return had. It doesn't live up to the standard, and didn't impress me at all... even though it's not terrible. I'm glad you enjoyed it a bit more. Nice review! :)

    1. I did enjoy it, Sarah, but I'll confess this could be my overall "deep" fangirl affection for the series. Sorry you didn't end up liking it (that's never fun!). Many thanks to you for stopping by to share and read the review - I appreciate it. :)

  3. Your review is spot on, like always, Rissi! I felt much the same, though I still loved it. I was just happy to see these characters back! My dad was super disappointed though, which I also get. Great review! :)

    1. I loved it too, Bekah - who doesn't love getting to know more about Jason Bourne!? He's awesome. Like you, just the fact that we got to "see" these characters again is fabulous. Plus that ending!? Epic. :)


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