La La Land (2016) – Colorful Dance, Music and Romance Collide in Hollywood Musical

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Considering musicals are too often left in the past - one that was of the silver screen era, discovering one playing on the big screen today is rare. This is why going to the theater to see the Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling (yes these two pair up again) led dramedy become a must see for this girl. 

Though my reactions (if carefully examined) might end in a mixed bag of opinions, overall, I adore this film. It's not my usual fare, but the way in which it's told, the sense of color and magic, the romance and the bittersweet sense of "moving on" and "moving forward" (happily) brings the entire film full circle. It gives its characters a happy ending along with us. Or that's how I feel. 

You can read my official review on Silver Petticoat if you'd like to know my full thoughts. (Review snippet and link below.) 

La La Land Film Review

Musicals are no longer a thing known only as classics from yesteryear. In recent years, they are a genre that could be coined as the “comeback kid.” Everywhere from the silver to the small screen, musicals are again giving audiences something with color to delight in. It would seem filmmakers have been re-inspired, and have set about introducing an entirely new generation to the art known as “the musical.” Here’s what La La Land is all about. Continue Reading Review on Silver Petticoat →

Content: There is some profanity (including an F-word), and a couple lives together. La La Land is rated PG-13.

 Did you see this (now award winning!) extravagant musical? I'd love to know your thoughts, feelings and conclusions of this colorful and romantic musical.

Photos: WB This review appears in full on Silver Petticoat


  1. I want to see this so bad. I love Emma Stone & she's already won for this role! It doesn't exactly seem like something I would generally be into, but I'm pretty convinced to see it. I'll go in with an open mind. Lovely review :)

    Molly @ Molly's Book Nook

    1. It was great to see this one do so well at the Golden Globes. Despite its great showing at the Oscars, I suspect it won't enjoy the same successes, but we can hope, right!?

      Hope you enjoy this one if/when you see it Molly - and if you think of it, let me know what your reaction is. :)

      Thanks so much for visiting and the comment!


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