Victoria 'The Clockwork Prince' Recap – Albert! ...and A Defining Proposal

Monday, January 30, 2017

Victoria Episode Three, ‘The Clockwork Prince’ Recap 

After last week’s ‘Brocket Hall’ episode, Victoria began a new romance to passionately root for.

And it all begins with a single, fleeting, but so important first glance…

The Beginning

The episode picks up immediately where last week’s left us (which was in a state of swooning). With that first, romantic glance between Queen Victoria and her cousin Albert. From the moment their eyes meet, there is a kind of wonder and enchantment that passes between them. (Of course, given this couple’s history, I also recognize that knowing how their love story blossoms makes it tough to root for any other outcome.) They don’t really know anything about each other, but there is something that lingers between them.


This episode is as beautiful as those that came before. I do feel like Victoria and Albert’s romance has been cheated (a bit) considering the interesting dynamic between Victoria and Lord M.

Last night’s proposal scene is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen immortalized on screen, a scene I’ll take a closer look at later this week in our Romantic Moment of the Week feature. Read this recap in its entirety on Silver Petticoat Review🠖

What do you all think of Victoria so far!? Let me know down below!

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  1. I love this Albert, and I was expecting him to be a let-down after Rufus Sewell! He just gets better and better. I like that he's a bit different and kind of geeky :)

    1. I'm so glad you like him, Catherine. I haven't decided who I like best: Rupert Friend, Jonathan Firth or Tom's Albert. I feel like they've all played him a little differently though to be honest, I forget The Young Victoria. Must mean a re-watch is in order! :)

      Rufus Sewell = ALL THE HEART EYES! :)

  2. I loved last night's episode. Although Albert is fantastic and his chemistry with Victoria is breathtaking I can not let go of Lord M.

    1. As did I, Alyssa. It was beautiful. :) :) :)

      Like you though, I'm sad to "let go" of Victoria and Lord M. That rook scene!? Breathtaking.

      So glad you stopped by.

  3. This was a really sweet episode, but I was definitely not expecting the proposal to come so soon! The courtship seemed so short, just one episode long, ha.

    1. Right!? I was surprised at the rapid pace of their relationship. Especially since show runners are already talking about 5 or 6 series! Golly, we could slow down a bit. :)

      So glad you enjoyed this one and came by to share your thoughts!


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