Victoria 'Doll 123' Recap – A Young Queen Ascends

Monday, January 16, 2017

Victoria, “Doll 123” Recap

When Masterpiece Theatre’s run of the beloved Downton Abbey came to an end, the replacement search was on. The network found this (or so they hoped) in the British drama, Victoria, an ITV period drama that chronicles the early days of Queen Victoria’s reign. 

Episode one packed in a great deal of content, so let’s take a look.

Victoria, Britain’s Young Queen Ascends

The series opens with a young 18-year-old Victoria given the news that her uncle, King William IV (her father’s brother) has died. This places her on the Throne of England as its Queen. Her German-born mother, the Duchess of Kent, wishes to control her daughter. All while under the sway and influence of her long-time companion, Sir. John Conroy. They believe Victoria’s age and sheltered life a disadvantage, which in turn makes them believe they might assume control through the monarch.

Mere days into her reign, Victoria begins to find her voice as a ruler. She contradicts Sir John, refusing his and her mother’s counsel most soundly. She isn’t about to be governed by anyone. And then Lord Melbourne walks into her life.

Concluding Thoughts:          

Victoria is off to a wonderful start. The cast (led by Doctor Who companion, Jenna Coleman as Victoria) is brilliant, and the series (as a looking glass into history) is scripted for an entirely new audience. Unlike two of the more recent Victoria biopics (A&E’s Victoria and AlbertThe Young Victoria), this one asks us to experience the story differently. Continue Reading on Silver Petticoat →

If you caught the first episode, I'd love to know what you thought. Comment down below with all of those thoughts!

Photos: ITV. This first appeared on Silver Petticoat Review


  1. I liked episode one. Lots of drama, but no vulgarity. I hope it continues to be a good mini series!

    1. Well said, Miranda. This one is wonderful. I love that a show can be fueled by drama while maintaining a classy nature. This one, I can say, will continue to adhere to this. :)

  2. I really liked Victoria although I think sometimes the servant stuff feels a bit stuck on - like it's trying too hard to be Downton Abbey. I liked the Lord M storyline best but I loved Albert too when he turned up, haha. Glad you're enjoying it :)

    1. I agree. For some, this will be too similar to Downton Abbey to be "good," but I do think, as usual, because of its production companies, what cannot be argued is the quality of this show.

      Lord M and Victoria are SO wonderful together - and I'm saying this knowing it's probably (over) romanticized for the show. :) But, Albert, well, he's going to be a fine fella too. ;)


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