Preview | Hallmark Channel’s Valentine’s Day 2017

Friday, February 3, 2017

Ruby Red bouquets of flowers, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and little teddy bears are occupying the aisles of stores these days. Post-Christmas, we turn our attention to a popular greeting card holiday that’s all about grand gestures.

One of the best things about this day sure to make you fall head over heels is Hallmark Channel’s contribution. If you’d rather stay in this Valentine’s Day rather than enjoy a night on the town, Hallmark is a date you won’t want to be late for. This year, they have five original films set, all sure to make us swoon over their brand of happy romance.

Read on below to discover the next story sure to sway you to stay in, and enjoy!

Previewing Hallmark Channel’s Valentine’s Day Countdown 2017

1. Love Locks
Premiered January 28

Starring real-life sweethearts Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn, Love Locks tells the story of a woman who returns to Paris 20 years later and rediscovers a first love. Love Locks celebrates the Hallmark Hall of Fame productions’ 65th anniversary.

3. A Dash of Love
Premieres February 11

A chef who dreams of opening her own restaurant settles for a job at a prominent restaurant where a fellow chef helps her navigate the ins and outs of their tension fueled world. Brendan Penny of Hallmark’s Chesapeake Shores co-stars. Continue Reading on Silver Petticoat Review

Check your local schedule for repeat showings for all of these films and watch for romance films to air throughout this month from previous Valentine’s Day campaigns.

Which of these originals are YOU most anticipating?! Comment down below with YOUR thoughts.

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  1. Oh, don't all of the Hallmark Valentine movies this year look so good! I know we are both particularly looking forward to "Love at First Glance." My expectations for this one are pretty high - so I'm cautiously hopeful! :)

    I also wanted to tell you I read your PBS Victoria review over at The Silver Petticoat and was blown away. For some reason or other, I never seem to catch it on Sunday nights, but your recap brought it all to life for me! Thank you so much! You have such a beautiful way with words!

    Blessings!!! Net :)

    1. YES! They sure do! My mom and I already giggled our way through Walking The Dog. SO. Cute. And as you say, we're both excited for 'First Glance.' It looks crazy too.

      Aw, thank you, Net! I really appreciate your kind words of encouragement. I'm glad the recap was helpful. I struggle knowing what to keep/what to skim over, so it's nice to know this one turned out well. :) Likewise, I so enjoy visiting your site - and know I've not been over there as much. I admire your creativity in tying the film title into your writings. It's always fabulous, and of course, your work in bringing us all the new Hallmark news.

      Glad you stopped by!

  2. Yay!!! These all look so good! And Adrian Grenier is in a Hallmark movie?! I'll be watching that. ;)

    1. Right!? We can totally admit that and feel cool about it. ;)


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