Top Ten Tuesday | Maps and Coordinates! Shelf Four, Book 19 (aka A Treasure Hunt of My Bookshelf)

Monday, February 27, 2017

Another start to a new week means one thing. We get to ring in another Tuesday with another edition of the fabulous meme, Top Ten Tuesday. The kind of party only we book aficionados knows how to throw.

Broke and Bookish February 28 | Your Choice (Freebie Topic)

After six years of hosting Top Ten Tuesday, due to personal changes in their lives, the ladies of Broke and Bookish have taken ever the briefest of hiatus. This means, today, Jamie told us to reach for the stars and create our own topics should we so desire. (Not really, but I do think the implication was there since she did tell us to indulge in Top Tuesday fun with a freebie topic should we chose.)

As I’ve recounted before, freebie topics are, for me, more difficult than the list we’re so used to. (Thank you Broke and Bookish ladies for the inspiration.) That said, while I had more elaborate ideas (next time), I decided to grab a compass, and take an easier route this week and go for “Coordinates!” Or as it's more realistically explained: Using a random number generator, I picked two sets of ten numbers. The first number represented a shelf, the second the book.

BOOK GIVEAWAY | Dani Pettrey's Still Life

With exception to one book (which was on a shelf that didn’t number as high on 17), here are the random books that resulted from that treasure hunt. 

1. Love Starts with Elle by Rachel Hauck (Location: Shelf Four, Book 19) | Much as I love Rachel’s books, I have (sadly) not read this series. I do own copies of the revised (cover art) editions. The pretty swirled designs are begging me to read them. Amazon | Goodreads

2. Legend by Marie Lu (Location: Shelf One, Book 15) | After hearing all the hype and general good thoughts about Marie Lu’s books, I picked up the paperback of her well known ‘Legend’ series. Hopefully I’ll enjoy. Which is your favorite Marie Lu story? Amazon | Goodreads

3. Supernaturally by Kiersten White (Location: Shelf Three, Book 14) | Another series I’ve been meaning to read for eons (what book doesn’t this statement apply too??), this is a series by Kiersten White that I own all three books of. And it lingers: Why don’t I read them? Amazon | Goodreads

4. A Daring Sacrifice by Jody Hedlund (Location: Shelf Twelve, Book 15 – ARC shelf) | A super sweet “fairytale” story, this is a re-imagining of Robin Hood. The third and final novel, For Love and Honor, in the series just released, and is next in my reading queue. Amazon | Goodreads

5. Wentworth Hall by (Location: Shelf Five, Book 12) | If you don’t spy this one in my booktube video, it’s because I apparently skipped over these “coordinates” while filming. Either way, this book has been on my shelf for years, so it’s high time I read it! Have you? Amazon | Goodreads

6. The Stepsister’s Tale by Tracy Barrett (Location: Shelf Eighteen, Book 9) | Yep, cut and paste applies here. The Stepsister’s Tale is another I’ve needed to read for an age now. Amazon | Goodreads

7. I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You by Ally Carter (Location: Shelf Two, Book 15) | They say this is Ally’s best series. *sits here wondering why I’ve not read them* Amazon | Goodreads

8. Into the Whirlwind by Elizabeth Camden (Location: Shelf Eight, Book 5) | As a fan of Elizabeth Camden’s, I always enjoy the historical yarns she weaves. This one is a unique story, as always. Amazon | Goodreads

9. Queen of the Dead by Stacey Kade (Location: Shelf Three, Book 2) | Oh, you want an anecdote about this book? Um, yeah, it’s just another been-on-my-shelf-unread for, you know, years. Amazon | Goodreads

10. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard (Location: Shelf Six, Book 17) | Another needs-to-be-read. Fortunately for me, this one hasn’t been out for long. Or not that long. Amazon | Goodreads

That brings an end to another Top Ten Tuesday. What topic did you feature today!? Since I’ve read very few of these novels, tell me, which have you read? What should I read first?

If you put together a post, leave your links below. I want to swing by and visit. If you didn’t put Top Ten Tuesday together, but you’re a new blogger or reader, leave your website and blog links. I’d still love to swing by and visit your home on the interwebs.

Thank you, as always, for being a friend and reader of Finding Wonderland. Comment down below with your thoughts.

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  1. This is a super fun idea! I like how it helps bring attention to some books that may not otherwise be highlighted in any other list :) I've been having A Daring Sacrifice on my TBR for a while already, so this reminded me!

    1. It is fun! I feel like these copped up on some of my other lists, but I went with the random number system, so what can one do in that instance?? :)

      Hope you enjoy A Daring Sacrifice! It's a really sweet read.

      Appreciate you stopping by, Lindsey.

  2. What a fun way to give us a glimpse of your shelves! Of these, I've read A Daring Sacrifice and Red Queen, both of which I really enjoyed.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. Thanks, Nicole! I had lots of fun with this one. Appreciate you stopping by and sharing which you enjoyed/read. Glad to hear positive thoughts about Red Queen. :)

  3. What a fun idea!
    I've read three of these, the Ally Carter was definitely my favourite. Into The Whirlwind looks right up my street.
    Cora |

    1. Thanks, Cora! Glad you enjoyed the Ally Carter novel. That's one I have yet to read, but am excited about it. Hope you like Into the Whirlwind if you have the chance to read it. :)

      Appreciate you visiting.


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